Top 5 Exercises For Women To Reduce Belly Fat

Top 5 Exercises For Women To Reduce Belly Fat

Exercises For Women

It’s one of the few fitness achievements that can be shown above a washboard stomach; it’s living evidence that you’ve put in the effort at the gym, watched your diet, and found time to deliver a one-two punch to abdominal fat.

A toned stomach is an external indication that you maintain a healthy lifestyle and are conscious of what you consume, provided that it is done properly and appropriately. There is no one size fits all solution to getting rid of belly fat, and despite what you may have heard about “spot reduction” or “targeting” regions of fat on your body, there is no such thing as “spot reduction” or “targeted fat loss.”

Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat For Women

  1. Burpees

According to experts, this workout strengthens your core as well as your chest, shoulders, legs, triceps, and quadriceps muscles. Burpees will also get your heart pounding since they include intense plyometric action.

How to do: Standing with your feet shoulder-distance apart, tuck your hips back and drop your body toward the ground in a low squat, keeping your back straight. Afterward, put your hands just outside of your feet and bounce your feet back until your torso touches the ground. Make a plank with your body by pressing your hands on the floor, then leap your feet slightly outside of your hands to complete the move. Take a powerful leap into the air with your weight on your heels and your arms extended above to finish.

  1. Russian Twists

A core workout that increases oblique strength and definition, as explained by a fitness expert, is the Russian twist. A medicine ball or plate is usually used to execute the exercise, which requires twisting your torso from side to side while maintaining a sit-up posture with your feet off the ground.

How to do: Standing tall on the floor with your knees bent and your feet off the ground is a good position. Holding a medicine ball at chest height with your hands is a good exercise. Lean backward with a long, tall spine, maintaining your body at a 45-degree angle and your arms a few inches away from your chest while you breathe in and out. Using this position, rotate your body to the right, pause, and squeeze your right oblique muscles, then rotate your torso to the left, pause, and compress your left oblique muscles. The movement should originate in your rib cage rather than your arms.

  1. Ball Burpees:

The addition of a medicine ball to your burpee will enhance the intensity of the workout while also increasing your metabolism—all while resulting in a sleek set of six-pack abs, according to Phelps. However, wearing a perfect pair of Activewear for women is also quite necessary. 

How to do: Holding a medicine ball in both hands while standing with your feet shoulder-distance apart is a good way to start. Swing the ball above and smash it down as hard as you can on the ground, hunching over and sitting your buttocks back as you slam the ball. Bend your knees as you come to a full stop. Jump back into a high-plank posture by placing your hands on the ground outside of your feet and jumping back into the position. Maintain a straight line with your body. Then, leap your feet back towards the outsides of your hands, resulting in a squatting position on your hands. Grasp the ball with both hands and push it above while extending your body and standing tall.

  1. Sprawls:

The sprawl is like a burpee on steroids—a full-body workout that works as many muscles as possible and burns calories while shaping and toning your upper- and lower body, particularly your abs. The sprawl is a great way to get your heart rate up and burn calories. This variation of the classic burpee elevates it to a higher level by requiring you to put your chest to the ground and then push up to plank while you repeat the exercise, according to Braganza.

How to do: Begin by squatting down and placing your hands on the ground while standing with your feet shoulder-distance apart. Jump your feet back to a plank position and lower your body until your body is parallel to the ground. To begin, raise yourself to a plank position and then leap your feet outside of your hands to begin in a squat position. Regain your balance. That’s one rep for you. In order to burn even more calories, Braganza recommends adding a leap between each sprawl.

  1. Side-To-Side Machine Ball Slams:

Medicine ball slams are a dynamic, energetic, and highly metabolic workout that does not only target one muscle group but also targets several muscle groups at the same time. The oblique, hamstrings, quadriceps, biceps, and shoulders are the main movers in this exercise, which seems to be performed on the surface. When the exercise continues and exhaustion sets in, “almost every other muscle in the body, in one way or another, may get engaged as a secondary mover,” says the author, who describes the exercise as “a complete belly blaster.” When doing side-to-side ball slams rather than overhead ball slams, more oblique abdominal training is performed.

How to do: Place the medicine ball on one side of your body with your feet about shoulder-width apart. Simplify your movement by picking up the ball and rotating your body while slamming the ball a few inches away from your pinky toe. Make careful to rotate your feet and bend your back knee as you enter into a split squat posture in order to grab the ball on the first bounce of the bounce. Alternate between the two sides. Ensure that you keep your core tight as you raise and lower the ball above and to the side.


It is not necessary to train like an athlete to put in extra sessions or spend weekends in the weight room. This fat-burning, stamina-boosting rowing and strength exercise will let you discover just how large your tank truly is, thanks to a variety of equipment that requires aerobic fitness, functional strength, and explosive power, among other things. Complete each circuit three times, taking a one-minute break between each round of exercise.

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