US Import Data and Its Global Importance

US Import Data and Its Global Importance

US import data is essential for every industry. Without it, importation and exportation of goods would not be possible. While trade and business information is important to businesses, data on import and exportation is crucial to consumers. The accessibility of such information is directly affected by the accessibility of databases. It should be ensured that the data being imported or exported are processed in a reliable, secure and efficient manner.


Trade Data Platform

Trade Data is an online wholesale and import directory and trade gateway that connect suppliers, distributors and individual buyers together. It helps users to access reliable and up-to-dated international trade data, safely import this data to the CBP Xpress platform, and query this information against existing imports and exports. This platform connects users via their computers, smartphones and tablet PCs. Traders, suppliers, importers and exporters can access the latest and most accurate information on US imports and exports from the Trade Data Platform anytime and anywhere they like.

US import data is needed to perform various activities related to business transactions ranging from import of goods to export of goods. Some of the services that can be offered by the platform are: import and export of goods; customizing products; analyzing data; and obtaining business activity information. The users of the system gain immediate access to US import data and can manipulate it as per their needs.

Us Import Data

Direct import facility

US companies need to access direct information on suppliers before making any deal. For example, a manufacturer needs to know the name, address, location, company details and other details about suppliers before entering into a deal. This can be easily done through the use of the ‘US Address Lookup’ function on the portal. In addition to this, if the product or service is not supplied with the required data in the US, the portal enables the users to look for the required information from another country. Thus, US companies can save time and effort involved in searching for the information, as they can just lookup for suppliers located in other countries.

Better exchange of information

There are many US traders and exporters in other countries who can provide valuable US import data on their products and services. But, there is one problem – they cannot provide the same at the same time. For example, one day, while providing data on China goods, the portal provided by another company also provides information on Singapore goods. Thus, it becomes necessary for one company to store the data on the server of another company, so that the US traders can get access to it at any point of time.

Improved cross Border Processing capability

The US Customs & Border Protection have come up with a new way of cross Border Processing, through which it can provide the imported goods with complete safety measures, in the same way that they are stored in warehouses in the US. Moreover, it reduces the cost involved for pro ceasing import data. This new system is known as HS codes and is commonly used by US importers and exporters.

Cross-Border Lading System

There was a time when the importers and exporters had to face problems like no access to raw materials and no information on the destination, due to the absence of a standardized international freight system. However, with the help of Cross-Border Lading System (CBL System), now US importers and exporters have easy access to their own global market as well as to their own suppliers, wherever they may be located in the world.

Easy accessing of US import data

The CBL System is available for both freight forwarding and for information on import shipments to the US. In addition, the system can also be used to provide details about all US importer and exporter shipping data, which had been previously available only to customs officials. The use of CBL System for US import trade statistics has enabled US exporters and importers to provide detailed information to their customers about the shipment and the destination country, which were otherwise difficult to obtain. One can also purchase the data from online websites like

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