What Are The Signs Of A Potential Emergency?

What Are The Signs Of A Potential Emergency?


Many times, when your pet shows a little unusualness in behaviour or any minor illness, it becomes difficult to know if it is a serious thing or not. You can’t assess the situation and know whether it is an emergency or needs a primary care physician. Finding a true emergency becomes strenuous sometimes. But here in this article, we have listed the situations in which you can take your pet to an emergency.

When to get anxious about your pet?

A pet has always been a member of your family; they accompany us as a best friend. Always show love whatever the situation is. Unfortunately, they can’t complain about anything to you, so how to identify the emergency or when to look for help? It will be puzzling for you to identify whether it is a normal sneeze or requires antibiotics. Let’s have a look at a few warning signs in which you must take your pet to an emergency pet hospital in Orange County.

Immoderate thirst-

Notice everything that your pet is eating or drinking. Know the exact quantity of water that your dog is having. If your pet has more or less quantity, it may be a sign of kidney disease or diabetes. But how to know if your dog has more water or not? Always try to refill your dog’s bowl. By doing so, you will come to know the quantity of water. At the same time, if the dog is going for urine more than normal, this is also a sign of an emergency.

Unusual eating habits-

There are a few disorders and illnesses that cause abnormal eating habits. Remember that it is not normal if your pet skips one or two meals, especially if the weather is unusual outside. This meal skipping can be a red flag that something is out of the ordinary. If your dog skips a two days meal, this is a clear indication that it is a case of emergency.

Moreover, if your pet is not behaving well and eating more than before, take him to the veterinarian for a checkup.

Doubtful, tired, and inactive-

Sluggishness can be an indication that something may be bothering or disturbing your dog. But what are the signs of sluggishness? Right below, we have listed a few of them:

  • Tired while walking for a walk
  • Impassive in playing
  • Non-participation in doing fewer activities than usual.

Swollen muscle or common fatigue can be normal; the reason is high temperature. But notice these symptoms; if they last for more than two days, take your pet to your family veterinarian as soon as possible.

Dryness in the body-

The outer skin or fur coat of a pet’s body must be shiny, smooth, and thick. If it becomes dull, dry, or has few patches, this can be a sign of something wrong. Bad food, allergic items, or any toxic thing can cause skin disease. If it doesn’t go for a longer time, plan a meeting with a veterinarian for a controversial fur coat.

Red or swollen eyes-

If your dog shows signs of swollen eyes or redness, it may cause blindness and rapid infection. Therefore, if it appears something like that, take your dog for a sudden examination. Proper medication will treat your dog over time if taken to the hospital at the perfect time.


Vomiting occasionally can be a normal thing for your pet. When something doesn’t go with animals’ bodies, they vomit to get rid of it. But, when is the condition serious? Following are few conditions that must be noticed and examined as soon as possible.

  • Vomit with hot body
  • Continuous vomiting frequently or many times
  • Blood in vomit

These are some conditions in which you must be concerned and reach a veterinarian shortly.

Instant weight loss-

No matter what your dog’s weight is, a sudden loss can lead to a big loss if not taken to the veterinarian at the proper time. Sudden deficiency in your pet can be a sign of a serious health disaster. Same as the weight loss, if your pet has lost 7-10 percent of weight, load it in your car and take it to the hospital.

Scooting or pulling back

Few signs show some abnormality many times. For example, if your dog starts scooting or pulling back on the road or your house floor, there is a possibility of having worms and diarrhoea. Simultaneously, there can be a urinary or anal gland infection. These are signs of an urgent situation and need a veterinarian.

On a final note-

Animals have an innate power of survival that makes them healthy all the time. But, it is not compulsory if the pet is healthy from the outside, it will be healthy from the inside as well. As an aware pet owner, it is your responsibility to notice every nature and behaviour of your pet. Nobody can know your dog better than you. Therefore, if something seems unusual, take your pet to an experienced Corona del mar vet.

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