What Features Are Present In An Android Auto?

What Features Are Present In An Android Auto?

Android Auto

What is an android auto?

An android auto connects your Android-powered smartphone straight to your car’s dashboard by overruling the built-in infotainment system. The features that you love on your smartphone can be directly displayed on your car’s dashboard with a familiar easy to use interface. The android auto lately has been updated to a darker theme, with an efficient app launcher design, with a more spontaneous interface so the android users will find it more pleasurable to use.

Features of an android auto:

Hands-free call:

Talking on the phone with someone whilst driving is an illegal activity and can be dangerous too. But android auto gives you a hands-free call which makes things simple and easy.

Navigation System:

The best feature of it is that it provides you a google maps-powered navigation system. It provides you a step-by-step navigation system that helps you in finding the directions and automatically finds an alternative route on detecting heavy traffic. You do not have to manually type the address of your home, office, or school every time. It will pick up software ports over the saved destination from your phone.

Access to millions of songs and podcasts:

It gives access to millions of songs and podcasts with a growing list of third-party apps. Android auto lets you surf through the web and allows the driver to stay linked with social media by making phone calls, sending messages using Hangouts WhatsApp, etc. without the disturbance of songs or podcasts.

Basic Voice Commands:

All of the above features can be controlled by basic voice commands such as OK Google, play the Running or Google Play, play Anastasia Kingsnorth’s latest podcast. Using speech-to-text technology, you can reply to your messages by using voice commands. When the android auto is active, your phone screen can be locked. Google integration enables the users to reply to their important business meetings or messages without taking their hands off the steering wheel.

Though the android auto works with third-party apps, the vehicle settings are not part of the android auto hence the driver has to exit the applications in use for adjusting climate controls, browsing radio stations, etc. In spite of this, Google is working on creating a new android based infotainment system where all of these features could be accessible at the same time.

What phones are compatible with the android auto?

The smartphones having versions below Android 10 such as Android OS versions 9 or below will need to download the Android auto application from the Google Play store. All of the phones with Android 10 or above versions will have built-in functionality. And the phone must have a working USB port that can be connected to the car. Though, new Android phones from Samsung also offer wireless android auto connections in some vehicles.

Which vehicles are compatible with the android auto?

Nowadays, many vehicles are becoming compatible with the android auto but in the past, some car companies such as Lexus and Toyota resisted the installation of android auto in their vehicles. This was mainly due to safety and privacy concerns though they have also changed their minds. Many 2020 models such as the Tacoma, Sequoia are android auto compatible and the list is expected to grow in the coming months and years.

Android Auto in Used Cars:

Used cars which are compatible with Android Auto are extremely hard to find. If the cars with android auto capability do not fit your budget then you can consider replacing the stereo system in your already used car. Many stereo manufacturers produce aftermarket android compatible head units. Replacing a head unit is cheaper than buying a new car and it does the job perfectly fine.

Connect Android Auto with your smartphone:

If you are worried that your android auto will not be compatible with your stereo system then you can always connect it to your phone.  The smartphone can be mounted on the dashboard or the windshield and you can interact with the display in a similar manner as if you are using Android Auto on a car’s touchscreen. Anyone can access the android auto after installing its app.

Using other apps with the android auto:

You can use several other built-in apps with the android auto. Although the support in some apps is limited as they do not meet Google’s Guidelines for android auto compatibility. But most of the information, entertainment, and communication apps can be used. For using the apps on the android auto, you first have to install them. If you already have them on your phone then you are good to go.

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