What You Need To Know About Infertility

What You Need To Know About Infertility

Determined as Infertility in Couple

What Is Determined as Infertility in Couple?

Many couples try to start a family at a certain given time. Infertility issues can burden the pressure of starting a family. Calm mind and decision will ultimately benefit the family. Since a couple is involved, any of the partners or both can be infertile.

  • There is a primary and secondary type of infertility situation. After trying for a year to get pregnant and conceive a child, the inability can be understood as primary infertility. Secondary infertility is when the couple already had been pregnant before but is unable to conceive currently.
  • Some factors affect the onset causes of infertility in both men and women. Environmental issues, hereditary reasons, food habits, and lifestyle all chip into causing infertility in some.
  • Treatment methods are available once you are made known of the infertility case. Multiple trips to the clinic are required to determine and analyze for a desirable outcome.
  • It becomes a requirement to depend on specialists and clinics with good facilities. Infertility specialist in Greater Kailash area is accessible for consultation and treatment. With consultation, more information is parted to start with the whole journey.

Reasons For Infertility in Men

Male partner and female partner statistics of having an infertility case are 1 in 7. So, this means that after 1 year of practicing unprotected sex to conceive, it has not worked.

Male Infertility 

  • Causes for infertility in males can be low sperm production, abnormal functioning, or blockage in delivery. Now the reason for this to happen can be various influences on the person’s health. He could have illnesses, chronic health issues, and also injuries. Other contributors to infertility in the male are lifestyle, habits, and similar elements.
  • Symptom that is the most obvious to catch is, the inability to conceive. But depending on the health of the person, there can be other signs related to different conditions. Conditions like hormonal imbalance, inherited disorders, and dilated veins around the testicle can cause symptoms. There can be more signs that might be noticeable. Inability to smell, sexual function issues including erectile dysfunction, swellings, and pain in the testicle area, etc., are signs.
  • All in all, male infertility cases can be quite complex. Sperm production and functionality are quite vital for fertility, although other causes also contribute to conceiving a child.

Treatment Types Available for Male Infertility

Risk factors vary in causing infertility for both males and females. Hence, the treatment processed is varied as per the causes. You can expect tests to be conducted to determine the further method of treatment. Although there is no guarantee that every cause can be known, different methods can still be followed.

  • The physical examination is conducted along with the associated medical history.
  • Semen sample is collected for further analysis.
  • Sperm abnormality, sperm count, and motility are all checked. Multiple sperm tests can be conducted to determine the further diagnosis to achieve more accurate results.  
  • There are additional tests that can be done if found necessary by the specialist. You can expect scrotal ultrasound to further probe issues in the testicle area. Transrectal ultrasound is done to heck prostate and tube blockage.
  • Hormone tests and genetic tests are done to help determine hormonal and genetic causes.
  •  Testicular biopsy also exists, which helps further prognosis in male infertility.

Dependable Infertility Specialist in Greater Kailash Area

Any cause of infertility in men and women requires medical guidance. However, a symptom of swelling and pain, and a more uncomfortable experience calls for immediate medical help. To treat and understand the cause, it is always smarter to first have a consultation. Always opt for the best and reliable medical help for the necessary undertaking of the cases. Dr. Ruchi Tandon is an experienced Infertility specialist in Greater Kailash. Her skillset is perfectly coherent with her 10+ years of experience in the field. You can access reliability and expertise all under one roof.   

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