Which is Better: Apple AirPods Pro or Beats Studio Noise Cancelling Headphones?

Which is Better: Apple AirPods Pro or Beats Studio Noise Cancelling Headphones?

Apple AirPods Pro or Beats Studio

The Apple Airpods Pro and Beats Studio 3 are two of the most popular wireless headphones on the market today. They have a lot in common, but also offer different features that can help you decide which one is best for you. In this article, we’ll compare these two products to help you figure out which headphone is best for you.


Beats Studio 3 earphones is much heavier than the AirPods Pro(with a total of 236 grams compared to Apple’s 22 grams, for a 16% difference in weight), and come with a magnetic charging case that comes with its own Lightning port and can recharge both the earphones and the case for an additional four hours of playtime.

Both earphones come with a wire connecting the left and right earbud, a remote to control playback, microphone, volume, and call handling, as well as a physical button on the right earbud to activate Siri.

Apple’s own W1 chip which lets the AirPods pair with compatible devices as soon as you remove them from the case is also present on the Beats Studio 3. However, the earphones don’t work with the iPhone 7, as it doesn’t have the W1 chip.

The Apple Airpods Pro is lightweight and sleek wireless earbuds that work seamlessly with all your Apple devices. They’re designed to be water-resistant and easy to use like other Apple products but without the additional expense of buying an iPhone XS Max.

The Beats Studio 3 Noise Cancelling Headphone is a perfect option for those looking for more power behind their sound. They also come with a carrying case which is perfect for protection when on the go or traveling. If you’re looking for more bass, these are the headphones

Sound Quality

When it comes to sound quality, the Airpods Pro a bit better than the Studio 3. AirPods Pro is a bit more bass heavy, but they sound more detailed with good high end. Meanwhile, the Studio Buds sound really good with their sculpted soundstage and airy, detailed sound. There isn’t much of a difference between them, but I like the sound of the Studio Buds a little more.


This is a well-known fact. In the market, the Apple Airpods design are more popular than the Beats Studio.

For these reasons, when Beats Studio Wireless headphones were unveiled, we were pretty sure that Apple’s design would be imitated, just because of the cult following that’s built around Apple’s iPhone and iPad line of products.

But we did not expect such a huge difference. Beats Studio were introduced as the first noise canceling headphones that feature a rounder design, while Apple Airpods/Pro is an oval design. Beats Studio are made of black metal, while Apple Airpods/Pro are made of the same clear plastic.


Unlike the AirPods, AirPods don’t have any removable batteries and instead rely on the Lightning port to charge. Apple says that it will get about 5 hours of listening time, while the Beats Studio 3 should get 6 hours. But to be fair, that’s about average for fully wireless earbuds.

The Beats Studio 3 is a completely different story, as it comes with a touch-enabled W1 chip that is expected to provide a 2-hour juice boost and allow for “close to 8 hours” of playing music. Unfortunately, it’s not clear if that means 5 or 8 hours of total music playback. However, the Beats Studio 3 should at least last you 8 hours of music playback. The AirPods Pro can only manage about 5 hours of continuous audio playback.


Although the AirPods are awesome, Beats does offer more features, including noise cancellation, better sound, and better battery life.

First, when it comes to design the Beats Studio headphones are more noticeable with their chunky build, while the AirPods are much more subtle – they simply look like the same style of earbuds.

When it comes to the battery life Beats beats AirPods by a huge margin, with their 20 hour of battery life.

So far the Beats Studio doesn’t have any functional features, while the AirPods Pro offers real-time language translation, a customisable button, a touch screen remote, and Siri integration.

Both sets offer a very high-quality sound, but while the Beats have a more ‘old-school’ design they sound better, and they are much louder.

But ultimately, there’s not really anything that makes these two products one-better than the other.

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