Why Do Some People Have Blonde Streaks In Their Hair?

Why Do Some People Have Blonde Streaks In Their Hair?

Blonde Streaks In Their Hair

The Mallen streak has become the ultimate symbol of beauty in this modern era, signaling allure, danger, and deviance to everyone, from retro fashionistas to Instagram’s most trending celebrities. The Mallen streak is a bolt of usually but not necessarily white hair styled at someone’s hairline, in a single stripe, block fringe, or entire half look. It can appear naturally as a result of a disorder called Poliosis, or it can be dyed.

It first became popular in the 1950s as part of rock and pop culture, but it has only recently become a prominent style in its own right. Today, you’ll see it on visual artists that embrace the style in contrasting colors. In the context of societal and gender inequity, the hair streaks style reads as a powerful sign of resistance and transgression. In this post, you will know why some people have blonde streaks in their hair. Read on to know more!

It Occurs Naturally  

It is a naturally occurring phenomenon of human
It is a naturally occurring phenomenon of human 

The Mallen streak will arise spontaneously in a small number of people – known scientifically as Poliosis, which can be present at birth but commonly does not show until you grow up. It’s not to be mistaken with greying hair; it’s characterized by a lack of pigment in the hair and can also be a symptom of more serious congenital illnesses like Piebaldism or Waardenburg syndrome, which affect about one in every 40000 people.

The Mallen streak’s rise to popular fashion and pop media portrayal appears to have aided women in accepting their differences and embracing them. The naturally occurring condition is allowing women to receive more praises for their distinctive hairstyle.

It Has A Historical Relation 

A historical significance
A historical significance

Despite its lengthy legendary associations, the word “Mallen streak” has only been used since the 1970s. In her ‘ Mallen ‘ trilogy, it was initially coined by pop novelist Catherine Cookson and came from the Latin’ malignus’ (meaning a bad kind). The books follow the lives of a cursed family who all have a genetic trait in common. “It was thought that individuals who bore the hair streaks rarely reached old age and that nothing good ever came of a Mallen,” says Cookson. 

It Is A Fashion Statement

It Is A Fashion Statement
A multitude of hair streaking methods

The popularity of these subtle color contrasts stems from the fact that they are both attractive and clever. The blonde streak’s light accents serve to define your facial features. The subtle coloring trend offers diversity to the season’s bold dip dye, and ombre looks for layered hair. It gives your hair a new vibe, making your face appear more gorgeous, slim, and attractive.

Blonde Streaks With Highlights

If a complete hair transformation isn’t your thing, just add a few highlights. Lighter streaks in darker hair provide a lovely, natural-looking impression. The hair looks thicker, glossier, and healthier. The number of streaks can be changed according to your preferences. A lighter appearance requires fewer streaks and vice versa, simple! Keep broad streaks of color that simply cover the top hair to a minimum. Color thin, fragile areas of hair instead. They will have a much more natural effect on your hair.

Blonde Streaks With Splashlights

Splashlights are a more pronounced variation of the subtle highlight streaks. Color spots are used to enhance light reflection on the hair, almost as if you were trying to make a ray of light. This coloring method is similar to the ombre effect. The only difference is that instead of dual colors, it needs three colors and requires a smooth upward and downward transition. 

Blonde Streaks With Balayage Technique (Hair Contouring) 

The latest trend in streaking is contouring, also known as the balayage technique. Colorists have now used what we previously knew from cosmetics – modifying the features with dark and light camouflage creams for a dramatic presentation – to hairstyling. With variously placed highlights in the hair, especially around the forehead, cheeks, and chin level, you will be able to bring out the best in your face. The parts to be highlighted (such as the cheekbones) are accented with a light hue, similar to face makeup contouring.

How Can You Get Blonde Streaks?

You can do it yourself or get clip-in streaks extensions
You can do it yourself or get clip-in streaks extensions

Determine the thickness of your blonde streaks. The amount of hair you pull through the openings in the cap will be determined by this. The thicker your streaks are, the more hair you pull through. Also, choose what color you want to streak your hair. But there is an option to get Clip-In Streaks if you are not ready to give your hair a full transformation commitment. For now, let us see how you can do it yourself; continue reading.

Step 1: If you want to part your hair to the side, do so as usual when streaking it. If you don’t have a side part, part your hair straight down the middle so that both sides are even.

Step 2: Put the cap on your head, making sure it’s snug enough to stay put and that all of your hair is tucked in.

Step 3: Begin pushing your hair through the cap with the included hook, aiming for an even thickness all the way around with each pull. If the strands aren’t perfectly even, it’s not a big deal as long as some of your strands aren’t overly thick. Having a variety in thickness will make your hair look natural.

Step 4: It’s time to get your dye mixture ready after you’ve pulled your hair through the holes. Because each kit is slightly different, simply follow the instructions when mixing.

Step 5: When applying the mixture to your hair, make sure to cover all of the strands and soak them thoroughly enough for the color to adhere. 

Step 6: Allow the mixture to sit on your hair for the amount of time specified in your kit. Check a strand every ten minutes to make sure the mixture hasn’t been in for too long.

Step 7: After achieving your chosen color, thoroughly rinse your hair before applying the shampoo or conditioner.

Final Step: Don’t be concerned if the strands appear to be really bright after washing. As you dry your hair, they will blend in. And there you have it: your homemade blonde streaks to match the trend.


When there is a question of, why do some people have blonde streaks in their hair? There can be several answers, including biological, historical, and, most importantly, the fashion factor. In this article, we have talked about it all and have included how you can get blonde streaks at home. Do not worry if you feel like your highlights will not look as graceful as others because you can always opt for clip-in streaks extensions and forget about going through all the hassle of doing it yourself. Just visit the Diva Dive website, and you will find all the varieties that you need. So what are you waiting for? Give your hair some trend-setting highlights

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