Why Plump For An App? 6 Reasons To Have An App Made

Why Plump For An App? 6 Reasons To Have An App Made

Plump For An App

Why pick an app?

Are you thinking of having an app made, but are you still unsure whether this is the best solution? In this article, we’ll walk you through the reasons why an app is a right choice for you.

Why choose an App over a mobile website?

 In general, an app has a longer development process than a mobile website. For the best experience, you can choose a freelance flutter developer in the US. It entails at an affordable cost. Reason enough to read up properly!

To help you, we have listed  reasons why you should choose an app:

# 1 When native functionalities are indispensable

By native functionality, we mean the built-in functions of your mobile device that you cannot access via a browser. Examples are the camera, microphone, GPS, and push notifications.

Does your app idea not work without the presence of native functionalities? A mobile website is not an option for you, and a native app is the only choice.

# 2 The action to be performed is location-specific

If an important part of the idea is to enter data only when the user is in a specific location or is important or useful to keep track of where the user is, creating an app from an experienced flutter freelance developer is the right choice for you.

Because an app can register where the user is (and respond to this in real-time), the experience is the most user-friendly.

# 3 Offline use should be possible

Is it important that the app continues to be used, even if the internet is (temporarily) unavailable? Even then, an app is the right choice. The app is installed on the user’s device, and the internet is no longer required after installation. It can be a big advantage over a mobile website.

Of course, this does not apply to every app idea.

# 4 The frequency of use is high

For an operation that is only performed once a month, you may not necessarily need to have a native app made. It is probably also possible with a web app or laptop solution. But the higher the frequency of use, the more interesting it is to hire a freelance flutter developer and turn it into an app.

# 5 Product or service can be solved more easily via mobile

Things that you used only to manage personally or manually are now done with the computer. And we slowly move from the computer to mobile devices. We can speculate about the future, but for now, the mobile app rules!

When you offer a service or product that simply works more efficiently via a mobile device, for example, via a laptop, an app is a logical choice.

#6  Reach young target audience

Almost everyone spends a lot of time on their mobile device every day. And this is only increasing. Primarily the app use of the average seems to be growing strongly:

Young people are seen as a target group that is increasingly difficult to reach. For commercial reasons, an app is, therefore, a serious consideration to reach young people.


For these reasons, an app is a good idea and you have hopefully got a better picture. Are you ready to have your app made? Then contact us! As we offer the best flutter freelancer developer. Curious about the approximate cost of your app idea? Then fill in our cost app calculator for free!

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