14 Best Eye Makeup Looks For The Beautiful Indian Brides!

14 Best Eye Makeup Looks For The Beautiful Indian Brides!

Best Eye Makeup Looks

When getting ready, there are a lot of things that we need to keep in our minds. From attire to footwear and accessories; everything needs to be just perfect. But, there is a special day in every girl’s life when she wants to live her fairytale and tries to do whatever it takes to look nothing less than a real life fairy.

Yes! We are talking about your wedding day. The wedding day holds a special heart in everyone’s life. And we are sure that nobody wants to look anything less than the best on their special day.

As a bride, there are so many things that you need to keep in mind and you need to prepare for. The first step in the preparation of your wedding day is to decide a rough look. Know what you want to look like? What colors you like, what fabric you like; do you want a traditional look or a comparatively modern or simpler one and a lot other things!

Once you narrow down the perfect bridal outfit from a huge range of latest bridal fashion wear for yourself, the next very important job is to decide on the jewelry. There are so many different types of bridal jewelries available these days that it becomes very important to look at all the options and then decide what you like.

After deciding on attire and jewelry, then comes the footwear which again plays a very important role in your overall bridal look.

But, except the outfit, jewelry and footwear there is yet another very important aspect in the preparation of your bridal look, without which the bridal look will never get completed. We are talking about your D- day makeup. No matter how beautiful your attire is, until or unless your hair and makeup is done right, you will never look up to the mark. And when we talk about the makeup, your eyes are the main part of focus. The eye makeup should be attractive and expressive. The better the eye makeup is, the more eye catching you will look on your wedding day and isn’t it what every bride actually wants?

Moreover, eye makeup has become more important with this pandemic outbreak as, with a bridal mask on your face, eyes are going to be the center of attraction of your face.

However, deciding on the perfect eye makeup for your wedding day is not as easy of a task as it may sound. It is very difficult to decide what is right when you have so many choices available. And it becomes even more difficult when you have to search on different platforms to know about the different eye makeup styles that are in trend these days.

Hence, here we are to your rescue with a guide to the latest and the trendiest eye makeup looks for our beautiful Indian brides. So, what are you waiting for, beautiful ladies? Let’s get started and decide the right eye makeup look for your D- day.

1. Golden smokey eyes!

Are you a bride with pretty, bold and big eyes? If yes, this bridal eye makeup look might be the perfect fit for you.

This eye makeup trend includes a golden smokey eyes look with statement eyeliner shape according to your face. This eye makeup look is neither too dramatic nor too subtle. It is for someone who wants her eyes to speak out loud and bold but yet in a modernistic way and not too loud.

This eye makeup would go with any outfit. However, it would look perfect with colors like brown, cream, and white, black, wine with a golden touch etc. this bridal eye makeup look is also just perfect for your cocktail party or the wedding reception look.

Also, such type of golden smokey eyes goes best with a nude or any shade of red lip color and a very subtle face makeup.

Golden smokey eyes
Source- Pinterest

2. Look regal with blue!

The dark blue shimmery eyes are perfect for a bold statement overall bridal look. It will enhance your features especially eyes and make you look attractive to the fullest.

A dark shimmery blue eyes with dark highlighted eyebrows and a comparatively lighter lip shade is the perfect match for a dramatic bridal look and also for an after party.

You can match this eye makeup look with a red outfit, a blue lehenga or gown or any outfit that you feel would go with a dark blue shade. However, you can also take a lighter blue if that suits your outfit better.

A shimmer in the blue shade of your eye shadow is necessary as it would highlight your eyes and give you a magnificent look which is needed when you are the bride.

Look regal with blue

This bride got a blue shimmery eye makeup look with a black outfit and a silver- golden jewelry and just looked how chic the overall look came out to be!

3. Something very classy!

Now this is something that will suit perfectly in a day wedding. A matte finish black and brown smokey eye makeup look is just another perfect bridal eye makeup option that you can pick up.

This eye makeup goes well with nearly every outfit of every color. Got a red bridal lehenga? This eye makeup would go amazingly well! Got a peach outfit? The brown black smokey eyes would enhance its grace! Name any color and this eye makeup look would match with it!

 Something very classy
Source- Pinterest

This bride got a matte black brown smokey eye look with a maroonish bridal lehenga. The bride looks stunning in this fabulous eye makeup and it complements the attire and jewelry very well.

In contrast to the previous bride, this bride chose to match a white bridal outfit with these beautiful matte black brown smokey eyes and just look how stunning this looks. The nude lip color also adds a different charm to the minimalistic bridal look.

4. Blush pink eye makeup!

The blush pink eye makeup even sounds like it is made for the beautiful brides. The subtle pink shade provides a mesmerizing look.

If you want to keep it at the bare minimum, go for either a no eyeliner look or with a thin eyeliner look. On the other hand, if you want a little drama with the subtle ink blush, you can opt for smudged eyeliner or thick bold winged eyeliner. The choice is all yours!

This eye makeup would go the best with a bridal outfit belonging to any shade of pink, cream, white, off white, pinkish peach, etc.

 Blush pink eye makeup
Source- Pinterest

5. Keep it thin!

Okay, we agree that these days there are plenty of bold thick eyeliner shapes that are loved by many brides. However, it is not always just about the trend.

Trend should be the secondary concern, first being whether it suits you or not. There are many brides who have a particular kind of eye shape that is not really suited for thick eyeliner. Their eyes start looking smaller or baggy or dull when they apply thick eyeliner.

So, if you are one of those brides that are not very comfortable with thick eyeliner, don’t do the mistake of going with the trend. Instead choose for a thinner and subtle eye liner shape.

Thin eyeliners have their perks. They give you a classy look keeping the drama under control and also give more space to your eye shadows. So, ladies, think very carefully before deciding on your eyeliner shape and size.

Keep it thin
Source – Pinterest

6. Just some shimmer!

This eye makeup is perfect for you if you like some shimmer but want the colors to stay calm. A translucent shimmery eye makeup with smudged eyeliner and a pretty lip shade works wonders sometimes. It looks as classy as it can be and goes amazingly well with every color of bridal outfits.

This eye makeup can also be carried gracefully during a daytime wedding event.

 Just some shimmer

7. Metallic brown smokey eyes!

This eye makeup has been in the trend for a long time now. The metallic brown smokey eyes go very well in any kind of wedding function be it the main day, reception, sangeet night, cocktail party or sangeet.

The metallic brown color looks extremely beautiful. If you are a dusky bride, you don’t have to worry about this shade not suiting you or your color tone. The metallic brown smokey eyes would look very stunning on a darker complexion as well.

Add a heavy long lashes pair to this eye makeup look to make it even more splendid. This eye makeup is a good option for any color bridal outfit like red, green, brown, cream, peach, orange etc.

Metallic brown smokey eyes
Source – Pinterest

8. Keep it natural!

If you like to keep it simple and natural, opt for a nude natural eye makeup look. It is very trendy these days as it goes very well with the minimalistic bridal looks.

You can get this eye makeup done with any outfit color from red, pink, peach to a nude one. This makeup gives a very subtle no makeup kind of look that comes out very chic and stylish.

Keep it natural
Source – Pinterest

9. Kohled black eyes with shimmery details!

This is one of the best eye makeup trends that provide you a very dramatic and impactful look. The eyes are given a black smudged kohl look. The glittery details on lids and inner eye corners can be given to make the look outstanding.

Such eye makeups are all rounder.  They go well with any time of the day, any color outfit, any jewelry and any wedding function.

Kohled black eyes with shimmery details
Source – Pinterest

10. Colored lashes!

Are you a lover for colorful aesthetics? If yes, then you shouldn’t hesitate to add a few extra colors to your bridal look.

Ditch the old usual black mascara and go with a bold and eye catching blue mascara loo. It will create an illusionistic kind of look making you look dreamy for your perfect wedding day.

Match the bold blue lashes with a pink, orange, green or any other bright color eye shadow and we are sure that you will rock your day making everyone’s jaws drop.

Colored lashes
Source – Pinterest

11. Fab with green!

Gone are the days when only red and golden were prevalent in bridal eye makeup. This is the generation of experimenting.

Experiment with colors, shades and everything else. So, if you have outfits contrasting to green shade then get a green eye makeup done and look uniquely perfect. A green eyeshadow gives you all the bridal vibes and enhances the grace of your bridal makeup. You can opt for this look with green bridal attire or a red one or yellow or any other matching shade. A cut crease eye makeup would go the best with the green eyeshadow look.

Fab with green
Source – Pinterest

12. A blend of colors!

Okay, if you are a bride to be and are looking for bridal makeover inspirations for a couple of days now, we are sure you must have had an encounter with this eye makeup look. The multicolored bright eyeshadows with nice eyeliner, long lashes and a matching lip shade is all you want.

This eye makeup brings out all the drama of your wedding day, gives you an extraordinary look and makes you feel that you stand out from everyone else on your special day.

Choose the different colors of your eyeshadow according to the different color hues present in your attire. This makeup look is an amazing option for a day as well as a night time function. You can opy for this look in your mehendi, haldi, sangeet, engagement or the actual wedding day.

A blend of colors
Source – Pinterest

13. Shades of purple!

Ditch the age old red, golden, copper shades of eye shadows and go with something more dramatic and attractive. Purple shade eye shadows are surely taking over the bridal eye makeup trend these days.

The purple shade gives you a unique look and also makes your eyes very attractive. You can get a purple smokey eye look, a matte purple eyeshadow look, purple eyeshadow with some shimmer and glitters over it, soft purple eyes, mix purple eyeshadow with shades like brown and pink and experiment more according to your taste.

You can match this eye makeup with bridal outfits of various colors like red, wine, maroon, yellow, pink and purple itself.

Shades of purple
Source – Pinterest

14. The evergreen red eye shadow!

Red has always been a bridal favorite color. From bridal lehenga to bridal juttis, jewelry, bridal chuda and everything else; red and shades of red dominate the bridal collection.

So, if you want a traditional look which is not too out of the box, go with a red toned eye makeup. It always looks classic. You can add a hint of black, blue, golden, copper or any other color matching your bridal attire.

Moreover, the best part about a red eye makeup look is that it always turns out to be perfect. A red eye makeup can never disappoint you.

You can choose a red eye makeup with a red attire, yellow lehenga, green lehenga, white or even a peach attire.

The evergreen red eye shadow
Source – Pinterest

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