6 Design Studios Are Working On Wonderful Wedding Invitation

6 Design Studios Are Working On Wonderful Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation is one of the most memorable parts for most of us and everyone wants it to make it even more memorable. The wedding begins with an invitation card you are going to give and invite your friends and family. When it comes to designing your invitation card you must choose the best designer. You can choose from various wedding card designs.  

How should you choose your wedding card designer? How will you know if you will get the design of your choice? Finding a Wedding Invitation Card Designer is not that hard. You need to just tell your designer what type of design you want for your wedding invitation. An invitation card is something that will deliver every detail about your wedding to your reader and make it even more memorable.  

If you want to give your family or friends a good first impression about your wedding, a perfect wedding card design is all you need. Let’s see some of the best wedding card studio designers where you can print your wedding card design. 

Turmeric Ink 

Are you looking for an Indian traditional card design with a modern touch to make your wedding card look professional? Turmeric Ink is a Delhi-based wedding card design studio run by Sonal Aggarwal Jolly. If you want to design a colorful-looking wedding card this is the place where you can visit and design your card. 

This studio will not disappoint you when it comes to the wedding card design. You can print high-quality cards with lots of beautiful designs to choose from.  

The Murphy Studio 

This Mumbai-based wedding invitation studio will provide you with lots of designs to choose from. If you want your wedding card to give some warm tropical or beach feeling they have the options available for you. You can set your personalized stamp for the bride and groom.  

Customize your wedding card as they have a lot of wedding card invites like a boxed invitation, unboxed invitation, funky, offbeat traditional, modern invitation and a lot more. All their designers are creative and talented who design the best wedding card for their customers according to their needs. 

Itchha Talreja Designs 

Itccha Talreja established Itchha Talreja designs a Mumbai-based lifestyle designer who got every solution from your wedding card design or birthday card designs. Itchha Talreja knows how to design the perfect wedding card design. She works on creating unique and beautiful designs. Their specialization includes a wide range of invitations designs like: 

Wedding invitation, boxed, modern, traditional, themed, personalized, digital invitations, birthday invitation, laser cut invitation, and more. You can choose from any kind of invitation design you want for your wedding or any other occasion.  

The Wedding Studio by Osho Boho India 

Whether you want something special or sweet for your special occasion Osho Boho India got you. Delhi-based wedding invitation studio gives you a complete customized option to choose from with beautiful modern or traditional card designs for your wedding. They provide and work as your wedding invitation card design. 

Services include wedding invitation, custom E-Invitation, gift box, and various are invitation card designs. Wedding studio by Osho Boho India got all the ideas for your wedding invitation. Choose from modern design, traditional design, or some offbeat design. 

Artsy Design Co. 

Artsy Design Co, is a Mumbai-based design studio started by Priyanka and Hiral Valia also known as top graphic designers. Their specialization is in wedding invitation card design and glam stationery. They got you cover from beautiful colorful paper to miniature royal painting or even more options to choose from for your special day. 

You can have your custom design card by just telling them your preference. The invitation card design prince may start from 300 INR per card according to your need. They have special and unique designs available for you.  

Pretty Gilding Designs 

Based in Hyderabad and Chennai this studio is run by Fida Ali’s sisters, Rashida and Sakina. They got you covered for every special occasion from wedding or event stationery. They work with vintage and minimalistic design styles or any other trending designs for your wedding invitation. Finding wedding invitation card designer Pretty Gilding designs got unique and talented card designs for your special occasion.  

You can choose from flora designs to something sophisticated and elegant. They are specialized in modern invitation design and other services like stationery, customized boxes, and wedding invitation.  

On your special wedding occasion, wedding card invitation designers got you with their special card design talents including a wide range of modern and traditional designs to choose from. Make your special day memorable and leave a positive impression on your friends and relatives. You don’t want to miss any chance on your wedding day to give everyone the taste of your perfect invitation card.  

Wedding only comes once in your life and everyone wants to make it special with everything possible. These design studios got you cover for your special day. Choose the type of design you want. Even a small effort can make your wedding special so why not start from your invitation card design? Contact any wedding card design studio to design your card for your special day.  

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