7 Marketing Lessons We Can Learn From TV Infomercials

7 Marketing Lessons We Can Learn From TV Infomercials

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This is something I don’t want to say, but I do enjoy infomercials. They have been my favorite source of information, and I have ordered from them more than once! They have everything, from cosmetics to accessories for your cell phone.

My friends also said the same when I asked them. You’ll find something ordered from an infomercial if you look around the homes of most people, regardless if it’s Victoria Principal’s skincare or Ronco Rotisserie.

These often irritating programs may seem like trash TV to you, but it’s not. You may not realize it, but they employ many of the same strategies as we do.

You don’t have to shout at your customers, flash the blinking numbers “$19.95” on your website or make a fuss about your customers. These are just gimmicks. Most people don’t know that many of those STRATEGIES selling the kitchen doohickey gadget can also be used to sell your products or programs.

Here are seven of my favorite:

1. These grab your attention.

Infomercials are broadcast on television, the most difficult medium. Your prospect is just seconds away from clicking the remote to change channels. They do everything they can to grab your attention immediately and keep it going for as long possible.

Infomercials make bold statements about how their product or service will transform your life. This is what you should do too — don’t be afraid to tell your prospects how your products or services will transform their lives.

2. There are many real-life testimonials.

It’s amazing to see how TV infomercials have changed over the years. The TV infomercial was once a conversation between two or three people. Today, customer testimonials are the most common 30 minute spot. They are the best way to instantly gain credibility.

One of these home exercise machines is a great example. Years ago, they only showed a super-fit man using it in an infomercial. They now show the guy as well as dozens of testimonials from real men with real jobs and beer bellies who have used the product with great success. It was a smart move by them because I can’t believe the super-ripped man who used it for only 30 minutes, three times per week. SEO Company in Lucknow

3. They have personalities.

Celebrities are now the most popular guest hosts for infomercials. This is what attracts people’s attention the most. Pro Activ uses Jessica Simpson. Susan Lucci is the face behind Youthful Essence, a skin care product that I love. Dan Marino is being used in commercials by NutriSystem to target men.

The same can be done with your marketing. You have two options: hire a celebrity or make yourself the star.

4. They offer an irresistible deal.

These days, it’s very rare to see infomercials asking you to pay in full. You will most often see “3 payments for $19.95” or “4 payment of $39.95”. Why? Americans who are cash-strapped care more about the cash flow than they do the price. For a lower monthly cost, they’ll happily pay more in the end!

It’s possible to do the same. You can offer a payment plan for products, courses and workshops. It’s simple to set up a payment plan with your marketing-savvy shopping cart system and you’ll be amazed at the increase in response.

5. They are a strong call to action NOW.

They know that if you switch channels, your attention will be diverted to their product. They make it a priority to get you on the phone or go online and place your order. They will usually tell you that if you call within the next 10 mins, you also receive …”.

This isn’t only true for TV. We are all too busy and overloaded these days that we would prefer to delay any decision. You need to give people a reason to act immediately, such as a discount that expires or a payment plan expiring, a limited amount of seats or products, or a bonus…

6. They are all about continuity.

What is “continuity?” It’s when one sale results in multiple charges. I.D. is a product that my friends rave about. I ordered a kit of natural makeup from Bare Minerals and was delighted to receive it. Every 2 months, I get a new supply by mail and my card is charged once again. It’s easy to remember to order again. It’s a one-off sale that they love and they have me as a customer for life until I cancel.

You will be a changed person if you listen to me! This principle can be applied to your business. What if you could convert your existing offerings into a monthly subscription? Instead of creating one-off teleseminars only, why not create a monthly program? This is what I did with my Marketing & Motivation Mastermind.

7. They repeat themselves. They repeat themselves.

Repeat them again! Smart marketers understand that it takes 9 times for someone to hear your message before they are willing to purchase. This is true for you, too. Many of my clients complain advertising doesn’t work if they run one ad. Or, it was only one newsletter that got the results.

It’s repetition and continued exposure that builds trust and familiarity with prospects. This leads to more sales than ever before.

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