7 Powerful Industries Are Transforming With Augmented Reality Companies

7 Powerful Industries Are Transforming With Augmented Reality Companies

augmented reality companies

Augmented Reality Companies

The United States Air Force developed Augmented Reality in 1992. AR is gradually becoming a technology that we utilize in our daily lives. Augmented reality is closely connected to the concepts Mixed Reality and Computer-mediated Reality. The gaming and entertainment industries were the first to commercialize AR Apps. Later on, augmented reality companies expanded into commercial areas. It includes telecommunications, medical, education, retail, and others.

Information about the actual world has been dynamic and digitally modified due to Augmented Reality Companies. Practically every business can instantly fix issues and improve customer experience.

AR app development improves how we use our phones while also reinventing how we communicate with one another. It has a significant impact on buying experience and has opened up new avenues for pleasure.


The way users engage with the virtual world has evolved dramatically over the previous decade. Every day, the utilization of Augmented reality apps grows across all industries.

The market for augmented reality companies was worth $4.21 billion USD in 2017. It is predicted to reach $60.55 billion USD by 2023. This considerable rise is attributable to increased interest and investment in AR tech. As a result, most businesses invest in AR apps to enhance sales and customer contact.

In a sense, we highlight product information and benefits utilizing AR Technology as a bonus for the sales staff. Allowing consumers to purchase things with a single tap increases sales and engagement. Let’s look at some of the companies that have used AR in their app development.


It is human nature to try on items before purchasing them. Whether they be clothing, accessories, or shoes. But we avoid going to shops for purchasing goods. We prefer purchasing online! The only disadvantage of internet purchasing is that we cannot trial before we purchase.

What if we had that facility right at our fingertips in our own home? It’s just incredible! Right?

Augmented Reality has made it feasible for us. In reality, it is useful not only when purchasing clothing or accessories, but also while purchasing a home. We should anticipate more development in augmented reality. Becuase technology and tools supporting AR become more powerful than before.


Vyking, Adidas, Converse, and Nike are a few of the prominent firms that allow try shoes on our phones. They employ immersive technology to let us try on shoes from their online store.

Also, check how artificial intelligence is changing food industry.


Watchbox is a prominent provider of high-end branded watches. They used augmented reality to enhance the user experience. They enable us to test a watch we wish to buy on our cellphones.


Eyewear is another item that we cannot purchase without first trying them on our faces. We are always curious to see how it will appear on our faces. Using Augmented Reality and face mapping, Speqs Eyewear and Warby Parker allow us to try on glasses and frames.


According to certain research, more than 60% of buyers favor online shopping businesses that provide an AR experience. As a result of this feature, more than 65% of consumers would choose to purchase at the same store. Approximately 30% of buyers would be willing to pay a higher price. Zara is a renowned apparel retailer that displays its items using a virtual model. It is only viewable via our cellphones.


We are often worried about how furniture will look in our home while buying it. We can envision the furniture in the precise spot using augmented reality apps. Ikea and Wayfair are the only firms that allow buyers to see furniture or other homes before purchasing them.


Augmented reality companies might be quite beneficial in the education industry. It has the potential to transform an average classroom into an exciting and engaging experience. We may plainly comprehend it from the adage, “Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I’ll remember.” Include me, and I’ll understand.”

That indicates that everyone can unquestionably accept what they are seeing. As a result, AR technology may make the classroom more dynamic. Students can rapidly comprehend concepts that they find tedious in their textbooks.

Augmented Reality Development does not only concentrate on ideas. But it also aids students or learners in recalling information rapidly. Some of the AR Apps that allow children to study while having fun are: Dinosaur 4D+, Elements 4D, Google Expeditions, and more.

As a result, since pictures are more effective than words, these apps assist kids in strengthening their capacity. It is no longer difficult to get detailed information on anything.

Augmented reality companies continues to have an impact on many industries. We are learning rapidly while also having fun with it. As previously indicated, the AR business is expanding and projected to provide substantial returns.

It would be a better moment to invest in the AR market and set your company on a new route to success. Augmented reality companies such as Ibiixo have the ability to create unique AR Apps. Ibiixo creates an AR App that increases your company with an original idea.

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