In the UAE, there are fantastic places to explore, like lavish hotels, magnificent shopping malls, and endless deserts. Today we have ten tips on things to know before you go to Dubai. 


#1 Visit in winter

Visitors in the autumn and winter offer you clear blue skies with less humidity than the hot and humid months of the year. During this time, you would the best time by visiting Dubai, and this is the right to experience the Best Dubai Desert Safari ride. When you plan to visit Dubai, it would be beneficial if you considered this option.

#2 Plan and book

 It is best to book everything in advance since this is a trendy destination, so you can get great seats on Emirates Airline when you book six months in advance, and hotels have great deals. 

#3 Advance Booking

There are various attractions to see and do in Helsinki that are perfect for all types of travelers. We will explore that later, but the goodbye is the ideal place to stop over while traveling from Europe or America to Asia. 

#4 Dress Modestly

Fourthly, dress modestly when packing for your trip to Dubai. Pack layers so that your knees and shoulders are covered, and remember to refrain from wearing short skirts and crop tops because respect for the local culture is required. Before booking your trip to Dubai, you should know that tipping is not expected. Some restaurants will add it to the bill. However, you can wear swimwear on the beaches or in your hotel pool; however, you should know that tipping is not expected.  

#5 Use Taxis

My next tip for visiting Dubai is to use the taxis. They are incredibly cheap and easy to find. We recommend using them wherever possible. You can book cabs on the RTA bright taxi app; however, do not give the driver your destination address. Try to locate landmarks nearby as the drivers may not know every street in the city.  

#6 Local Culture

It seems so obvious, but you do need to be conscious of it so that you don’t offend anyone. Being respectful of the culture of Dubai is extremely important if you are visiting there. During goodbye, we discussed the importance of dressing correctly and remembering to stay away from public displays of affection.

When planning your evenings, it’s worth doing a bit of research before you come. There are many good dining options around the city, along with budget-friendly ethnic eats to Western salad bars and plenty of hotels and restaurants that offer buffet-style meals.

 However, alcohol can only be purchased from licensed bars and restaurants, which can usually be found attached to hotels.

#7 Visit during Friday and Saturday

The weekend in Dubai falls between Fridays and Saturdays, so try to plan your trip to the city between Sunday and Thursday if you can. Lastly, there are endless ways to keep you entertained in Dubai if you love adventure and water sports. 

You must visit Dubai Mall or the Circus in Dubai; these are the famous spots of UAE also you should have a morning of dune bashing with a driver. Here you can experience the top of the Burj Khalifa for spectacular views. Shop till you drop at UAE’s tallest building. 

We hope you will have a fantastic time in Dubai seeing the famous hotels, and if you like theme parks, you have to get a ticket for one of the four major theme parks, including the IMG world of adventure and promotion gate theme park. 

If you have an upcoming travel destination in mind, leave a comment. Stay creative until next time and thanks again for reading this blog.  

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