Car AC Replacement Cost – Step By Step Guide

Car AC Replacement Cost – Step By Step Guide

Car AC Replacement Cost

The mechanical device is intended to pump refrigerant through the AC system and to convert air mass vapor refrigerant into air mass vapor refrigerant. All fashionable compressors utilize a clutch and drive pulley block. The pulley block is driven off a drive belt whenever the engine is running. Once the AC button is pushed the clutch is engaged, locking up the mechanical device to the pulley-block, inflicting it to show. 

Locate the mechanical device

The AC mechanical devices are set at the front of the engine with the remainder of the belt-driven accessories.

Before the AC system is often repaired, the refrigerant should be aloof from the system.

This can solely be done by an expert victimization an evacuation machine.

  • Remove the mechanical device
  • Jack and jack stands
  • Protective gloves
  • Repair manuals
  • Safety glasses
  • Wrench

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Locate the snaky belt tensioner

This can usually be found on a decal placed somewhere within the engine compartment, or within the vehicle repair manual.

Rotate the tensioner

Use a socket or wrench to slip the automated tensioner removed from the belt.

Whether this is often dextrorotatory or counterclockwise depends on the vehicle and belt routing.

Some tensioners can have a square. hole to insert a ratchet finish into, instead of a bolt head for a socket or wrench.

take away the belt from the pulleys. whereas holding the tensioner removed from the belt, slide the belt off the pulleys.

Disconnect the electrical connectors from the mechanical device. These ought to pull out simply.

Disconnect the pressure hoses from the mechanical device. employing a ratchet or wrench, disconnect the pressure hoses from the mechanical device.

Plug them to stop system contamination.

Remove the mechanical device mounting bolts. employing a ratchet or wrench, take away the mechanical device mounting bolts

Remove the mechanical device from the vehicle. It ought to start with a bit of tugging, however, watch out as a result of it’s usually serious.

Prepare the new mechanical device. Compare the new mechanical device to the previous one to make sure they’re equivalent.

Then take away the mud caps from the new mechanical device and add a little quantity of counseled material to the new mechanical device (usually around ½ ounce). 

Also, some mechanical devices go along with the oil already installed; scan the directions provided with your compressor.

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Replace the pressure line o-rings.

Use a little screwdriver or decide to get rid of the o-rings from the AC pressure lines.

Some compressors can go along with replacement o-rings, or you will get replacements from your native machine components store. Slide the new o-rings into place.

Lower the new mechanical device into the vehicle. 

Lower the new mechanical device into the vehicle and align it with the mounting holes.

Put in the mounting bolts. put in the mounting bolts and tighten them down.

Reinstall the lines.

 Put in the roads and tighten down the bolts the line bolts.

Reinstall the electrical connectors.

Put in the electrical connectors as they originally were.

Position the belt on the pulleys. Position the belt on the pulleys, following the belt routing diagram to make sure the belt is routed properly.

Install the new belt. Push or pull the tensioner to a grip that permits the belt to be put into the pulleys.

Once the belt is in situ, you’ll be able to unleash the tensioner and take away your tool.

Have an expert recharge the system. Have the system recharged by an expert.

You should currently have ice-cold AC – no additional sweating through your garments on a hot summer’s day. Mechanical device replacement isn’t a simple task, though, therefore if you like to possess an expert to tackle this job for you, the team at YourMechanic offers top-notch mechanical device replacement.


In the end, we hope that this information is useful for every car owner who wants to learn more about the car AC. Here we provide complete information about cars.

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