Chadar Trek In Ladakh

Chadar Trek In Ladakh


In any case alluded to as the ‘Frozen River Trek,’ the dreamlike Chadar Trek gives you an encounter like no other. There are a few frozen sheets of ice over which you can stroll to arrive at the mountains that are embraced by snow from every one of the sides. As you continue to walk, the snow from the mountains would be softening on one side and framing a stream, which is a dreamlike sight to retain. Like this view isn’t sufficiently interesting, on the off chance that you continue to walk and check out you there is a superb perspective on the strange Himalayan excellence until to the furthest extent that your eyes can observer. The magnificence of the Himalayas and the mountains would appear to be endless, and you could never want to get back subsequent to watching this staggering excellence! 


This journey by and large occurs on the frozen stream of Zanskar, and consequently it is named as the Chadar Trek. 

Address: Zanskar River, Ladakh 

Hours: The journey happens for the most part during the daytime when there is daylight. 


The Chadar Trek would take around nine days to finish, including your get back from the spot to Leh. This journey normally occurs during the main seven day stretch of January to mid-February when the Zanskar Lake is frozen, to have the option to stroll over it. 


The features of Chadar Trek are the snow-covered mountains, frozen cascades, frozen lake over which you can walk, and miles and miles of mountains until your eyes can see. It is an alternate sort of dreamlike magnificence that you can never get enough of. Chadar Trek draws out an alternate side of your character that you didn’t know existed. The Chadar Trek isn’t only an encounter, yet it is turning around the hardest of difficulties that you won’t ever gone over. It holds the lovely mysteries of the Himalayas, permitting an individual to partake in the delighted magnificence of those snow-clad mountains. It is an unquestionable requirement do thing for every one individuals who love snow and taking up bold difficulties. 


The expense of the journey would incorporate the accompanying: 


Setting up camp administrations of the journey 

Suppers during the journey 

Other journey prerequisites like a bedding, kitchen tent, latrine tent, camping cot, and a few utensils 

Grants and passage expenses 

Emergency treatment units, clinical packs, oxygen chambers, and cots 

One pioneer to direct you, a cook, and some supporting staff 

Transport from Leh to the trip beginning stage and return. 


It would cost you INR 17,000-55,000 roughly per individual, contingent upon the time at which you make your appointments or your convenience inclinations. In case it is the last moment booking, it may set you back more than INR 55,000. 

Suggested for 

This journey is totally suggested for fit individuals, with no unexpected issues, as you need to stroll through outrageous temperatures. In case you are not sufficiently fit you actually need to go on the trip, you may contact your believed doctor and take tips before you make any further strides. 

The most effective method to get to Chadar Trek 

There is just a single conceivable approach to arrive at Leh and Ladakh, which is via air. You can easily take a trip to arrive at the headquarters of the Chadar Trek and afterward from that point; you can meet your journey specialists. The journey specialists will deal with the remainder of your excursion later on, which is an or more point, as you don’t need to deal with each easily overlooked detail in regards to this movement. It is basically impossible that that any of these streets would be open by any sort of vehicles, so it is recommended that you pass by strolling. 

Via Air: You can arrive at New Delhi to take a trip to Leh. Delhi has some non-stop trips to Leh consistently so you can design an outing and promptly book passes to come to the lovely Leh. When you are over the spot, you can see many snow-covered mountains, which will give you clearness with respect to why you can’t arrive at Leh by street throughout the colder time of year season. By and by, you make certain to partake in the flight ride, as you can get a phenomenal gander at all the immaculate regions and a portion of the mountain runs, the airborne perspectives on which are past entrancing. 

About Chadar Trek 

The journey begins from the exquisite Leh where you can reach by a flight. Flights are the most agreeable and charming approach to arrive at Leh, as it is encircled by snow on every one of the sides, giving a totally white look. As the flight drops towards Leh, you can get an astonishing perspective on the mountains from a distance of 11400 feet over the ocean level. The Zanskar River is at its best state during the period of February, which makes it simple to cross the water body. This Frozen River Trek starts in a little town called Chilling, from where the glimmering Zanskar River begins to freeze. 

The initial move towards your journey starts at Leh, moving towards TsomoPaldar. Coming, you would cross Chilling and Tilad where you can observer the Gurudwara Pathar Sahib, the sublime Magnetic Hill. From that point onward, you move towards Tibb Caves going through a cascade that won’t ever freeze. From Tibb Cave, you move towards Nerak which is the primary town of the Zanskar locale. From Nerak, you return to the Tibb Cave and move towards Gyalpo. From Gyalpo you get back to Tilad do, and afterward you return back to Leh. 

Fascinating realities about Chadar Trek 

The temperatures during the evening can go as low as – 25 to – 35 degrees when the climate turns out to be very brutal. 

The whole journey distance is 105 km around, the majority of which is covered by strolling. 

During the daytime, you need to stroll over the cold ice sheets of the frozen Zanskar stream, though in the evening time you need to snooze caves which are arranged close to the frozen waterway. 

You can serenely take the Himalayan water to extinguish your thirst, as this water is viewed as totally protected and unadulterated to be taken straightforwardly.

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