Don’t Take Chances with Health, Order at-Home Covid Test Kit for Quick Results

Don’t Take Chances with Health, Order at-Home Covid Test Kit for Quick Results

Covid test kit.
Rapid Covid Test Kit for Sale

Venturing out and getting a Covid-19 test done can be a cumbersome task. It is also risky as one might be exposing himself to the virus at the testing center. Therefore, it makes a whole lot of sense to use at-home Covid test kit.

Understanding Different Tests and Finding the Best One

With so many tests in the market, one might get confused while searching for the right kit. To clarify the confusion and choose a test, one needs to have a better understanding of different testing methodologies. Primarily, there are three types of tests:

  • Serology testing, better known as covid antibody test
  • Antigen testing
  • Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR testing) or RNA testing

The antibody testing was initially used as the most common method for diagnosing a Covid infection. When a person is infected by the Covid virus, his body starts making antibodies to fight off the disease. The presence of antibodies is only detected once the virus has triggered a response from the immune system. So, the people who are tested positive through this method are already at a later stage of the infection cycle. Therefore, this test is not ideal if you are looking to catch the disease at its onset.

On the other hand, antigen tests look for the proteins that are present on the surface of the virus. As they are actively searching for the virus instead of the antibody, they are faster in the detection of virus. However, they are not as accurate as PCR tests because they don’t look at the genetic code of the virus.

Lastly, PCR tests look at the genetic info of the virus i.e. RNA. Therefore, the results provided by PCR tests are likely to be more accurate than the other two tests in the list. However, as there are many types of PCR tests available in the market, it further adds to the utter confusion.

According to the data obtained from various healthcare companies, the most suitable and convenient testing method has been found to be RT-PCR i.e. Reverse Transcription PCR.  The great thing about this test is that it provides highly accurate results even if you perform this test at home by ordering a kit.

The Importance of Lab

Apart from the testing methodology, you should be mindful of the lab where the test samples will be taken and evaluated. In the US, CLIA Certification is considered to be the gold standard for Corona virus testing. The standards maintained by a CLIA certified lab ensure no discrepancy or mistake in the tests. This further reduces the chance of a false positive or false negative diagnosis.

The Perils of Incorrect Tests

False positive or false negative tests can have a huge bearing on the spread of infection amongst peers. Below are some perils of incorrect tests:

When you receive a false positive

In this case, you would suffer the agony of quarantine without actually suffering from the disease. A false positive can compromise your lifestyle without any rhyme or reason.

When you receive a false negative

The situation is even worse when the test comes back as a false negative. The chances of spreading the disease to the loved ones and professional peers are high. A false negative test can be detrimental to a professional workspace where employees share a common area and sit alongside each other. Also, in a family with many elder people or members suffering from morbidities, the spread of Covid-19 can prove fatal.

Follow the Right Process for Accurate Results

In 2021, it is easy to find a rapid covid test kit for sale, and it is even easier to perform the test at-home. Now, there is absolutely excuse for getting the test done. Below are some steps that are needed to perform an RT-PCR test at home or office:

Firstly, order the kit online from a trusted supplier like Citation Bioscience

  • Open the kit
  • Deposit your saliva in the tube provided within the kit
  • Use prepaid shipping to ship the kit to the lab (the cost for shipping is part of the package in most cases)
  • The test results will be supplied to you within 24 to 48 hours

By ordering an RT-PCR test from Citation Bioscience (partner of CLIA certified lab – Red Arrow Analytical), you give yourself the best chance to diagnose the disease at its onset and take care of your health.

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