FlexClip, Online Video Editor with Predesigned Templates

FlexClip, Online Video Editor with Predesigned Templates

FlexClip Online Video Editor – If you are scrutinizing a solution to create an online video or a video maker with eye-catching effects, then FlexClip is for you. FlexClip is a cloud-based video creation solution with which you can create different types of videos using pre-made templates.

FlexClip also allows you to create your videos from scratch, using the blank canvas. First of all, it’s excellent and easy to create videos quickly without a lot of background. You add your media, customize the scenes and finally export the video. It is just as comfortable and easy to use.


With FlexClip, an online video editor, you can create videos from all the fields listed below:

  • Business: You can create promotional, real estate, corporate, trailer and tutorial videos with FlexClip.
  • Lifestyle: Create birthday, wedding, anniversary, music, and travel videos with FlexClip.
  • Social Media: FlexClip has you covered to create videos for all your social media needs, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

FlexClip Online video editor with predesigned templates

You can edit or create a video online with FlexClip in minutes using thousands of templates, millions of animated texts, and stock assets.

How to make a video with FlexClip?

Here are the three easy steps, and you’re ready to go:

  1. Add the multimedia material of your computer with which you want to work.
  2. Personalize your photos and videos by adding music, texts, voice-over, etc.
  3. Finally, export the video in various proportions to take it to the Internet.

FlexClip has a simplistic user interface, making video creation quick and easy. You will find hundreds of professional layouts, pre-made video templates, and this can be very useful if you want to make videos. It has also added many new text animations to help you create professional-looking videos. I will make a separate video to cover a lot of these cool text animations. In addition, you will find a huge collection of animated elements.

These are just some of them, but they can be convenient in your video creation. You’ll find thousands of royalty-free stock images and video footage to use in your video projects. You can also add music or even record your voice-over if you need it.

You can physically create videos with FelxClip to publish them on social networks. When creating your videos, you can get previews in real-time. And finally, the rendering of the videos is relatively fast.

FlexClip main features:

  • Thousands of templates that make it easy to create an impressive video
  • Availability of rich animated content
  • Wide range of copyright-free media
  • Easy to use video editor
  • Convenient and easy-to-use customer support

If you love creating videos, grab a copy of this easy-to-use online video editor today:

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