Fun Things To Do In St. Louis, Missouri

Fun Things To Do In St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis is the second-largest city in all of Missouri. Spread along the Mississippi River, the city has been an American symbol and represents the perfect American dream. The city has a great history of discovery and marks the beginning of the American expansion towards the west. Let’s check out all the fun things to do in St. Louis, Missouri; The gateway to the west.

Yes, the city is called “Gateway to the West.” The little history behind this fact is that when in the 19th Century, two Americans called Lewis and Clarke discovered this place, it led to a whole flow of trade and cultural inflow towards the west. Hence, opening the gates to the west. The city is truly unbelievable, and when you visit this place, you only certify this opinion. From museums to amusement parks, the city has everything to offer; from Family holiday spots to Artsy cultural stuff for the hip population, you will get what you came to the town. 

This article is a comprehensive list of all the fun things to do in St. Louis, Missouri. It contains information that might help you plan your first or the next trip to St. Louis. We know that traveling is a very personal experience and one should travel without any plan, and we agree with that. However, if you are not one of those who can sleep in the forest, get lost in the city, and be chill about it, you should have a rough idea about what to do in the city. We would also suggest you book your flight tickets with Frontier Airlines book a Flight app to get great discounts and a better flying experience.

A trip down the 10-Storey staircase at the City Museum

The city museum located in Downtown St. Louis is a warehouse museum preserving the city’s architectural and commuting history. 

The museum is a vertical one, and one has to climb up a staircase to reach the top of the gallery. On the way up, you will see incredible things that you could have never imagined seeing hanging from the air. From 20th-century fighter planes to century-old charcoal tunnels, the museum offers a look at everything that has played a significant part in the city’s architectural and industrial history.

Go and have Ted Drewes Frozen Custard.

Okay, this may sound an exaggeration, but there is nowhere in the world you can get a cup of Frozen Custard better than this place in the middle of Missouri. Ted Drewes is a family shop set in the city’s outskirts; the eatery got its breakthrough when president JFK appreciated their custard on the white house telecast every Sunday. Honestly, everyone should go there just for the taste of the fantastic custard.

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Grab a Drink at the Venice Cafe

The Venice cafe is a whole different ball game. The ambiance of the place is so ambiguous; you can’t tell what’s happening. You can tell that the creation of this idea must have come from the head of a genius. 

The moment you enter the cafe, the colorful psychedelic art pops into your eyes; along with the beautifully painted Mosaic walls, the place looks like a haram, but for the free people. If you are one of those free people, we will go together.

The Missouri Botanical Garden

The Missouri botanical garden stood construction to create a sanctuary that will be a pillar of education. The aim was to spread awareness about the environment and then together preserve it.

The garden, however, has become much more than how it was initially supposed to be, with multiple buildings containing different species of exotic and indigenous flora and fauna. It is truly one of the most fun things to do in St. Louis, Missouri.

Visit the Gateway Arch

Finally, coming to the place without which your trip would never be worth it. The Gateway Arch is the center of the city. This architectural marvel has been a cultural phenomenon for a whole century now.

The best part about it, rather than seeing the steel monument from a Paddleboat afar, one can take a tram up to the top of the arch; and get a panoramic view of the 60-mile city.

We hope this article was helpful to you. The next time you plan on visiting the city of St. Louis, we would suggest you take the Sun country airlines booking to avail offers that are comfortable and cost-efficient.

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