Get Perfect Body Shape With Yoga Asana

Get Perfect Body Shape With Yoga Asana

Get Perfect Body Shape

Exercise has become the most important thing in today’s era. Our health can be only good by exercising so that we do not get sick. With this, we also remain fit and fit. Today, due to increasing adulteration of food items, our health is being severely affected, which is not good at all from the health point of view. Due to which our body is in the grip of many diseases.

Nowadays people are incorporating exercise, walking, and yoga, etc. into their lives to keep themselves fit. Nowadays people consider doing yoga better. Yoga helps in keeping the body healthy in every way. Yoga also comes in many ways. If you want, you can also practice yoga to get rid of many diseases.

Bodybuilding is an art. Many people are unable to go to the gym and build their bodies due to their busy time table. Nowadays bodybuilding is a passion of most of the young generation.   You must know what kind of exercises do the gym-goers do to build their body, lift heavy dumbbells in the gym, eat different kinds of things in the diet. Many people also take protein during the cycle of quick bodybuilding.

It is difficult for most people to believe that a strong body can be found without doing bodybuilding workouts and without taking weight gain medication. If you also feel lethargic in going to the gym and you want to make muscles at home, then do not be disappointed, today we are going to tell you some such yogasanas by which you can get good body shape. Today in this article we will talk about how to do Bodybuilding Through Yoga? Let us now know about Yoga Bodybuilding.

Yoga Bodybuilding: 

Learn how to make your muscles work with the help of yoga.

Yoga makes your mental health healthy as well as your body. Yoga is also beneficial for getting the benefits of weight lifting exercises and they also help in making muscles and also improve the flexibility of the body.

Just as there are different workouts for different parts of the body in the gym, in the same way, yoga also has different yogasanas for different body parts. Just like if you apply the right form of exercise in the gym, the difference is quick, just like doing the right type of yoga exercises, the weight of the muscles in your body starts increasing. Let us know which Yoga Workout can benefit you like Bodybuilding Workouts.

How to do Bodybuilding with Yoga

There are the following yogasana helpful for bodybuilding.

1- Utkatasana

If you want to strengthen the parts below the waist, then this is the best yoga. This yoga asana gives strength to your legs and thigh muscles and makes them strong. It is also very beneficial for the spine. In this posture, the body comes in the shape of a chair, so this posture is also called Chair Pose.


  • Stand a short distance between the two legs.
  • Try to sit down while keeping your spine straight.
  • Keep your hands in line with your shoulders, slowly try to sit as if you are sitting in an imaginary chair.

Then bend the knee and sit down. You will feel as if you are sitting in the air. Stay in this posture for at least 20 seconds, then come back to normal.

2- Virabhadrasana

Virabhadrasana is also known as the Warrior pose. It makes our waist and legs flexible and strong. This yoga increases Muscle Strengthening. Apart from this, it also keeps the knees strong. Let us know –


  • Stand a short distance between the two legs.
  • Raise one leg, bend it backward and try to bend slowly in front.
  • Then hold your ankle and straighten your spine while pulling upwards.
  • During this, you kept breathing. Now release the breath outward and come to the normal position.
  • Do again with another leg.

3- Plank / Falakasana:

This yoga posture provides the best cardio workout, gives good core strength, and exercises the whole body. It increases the stamina of the body and at the same time, it keeps the back and shoulders strong.


  • To practice this, first lie down on your stomach.
  • Then, with the help of your forearm, lift the body and straighten the leg so that the weight of the footfalls on the toe and keep the back straight.
  • In this posture, the weight of the body comes on the forearm. Gives strength to the entire body.
  • The longer you stay in this posture, the more you will benefit.

4- Bakasana:

Our body becomes like a heron in this pose. For this reason, it is called Bakasan. Bakasana strengthens its wrists and arms and abdominal area. You can also know more about yoga asana by joining 100 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh.


  • Take a mat and sit down. Hands should be placed next to your feet.
  • Stabilize the elbows of both hands and lift the feet above the ground while keeping the knees bent.
  • it’s really hard. Stable in the same posture. Repeating this will easily happen.

5- Bhujangasana:

Bhujangasana stretches muscles in your shoulders, chest, and abdomen. This posture increases blood circulation in the body and improves digestion. Relieves fatigue and stress. In this yoga, your posture is like a spreading snake. This asana comes in Yoga for Weight Gain.


  • First of all lie on your stomach.
  •  Lay your palm aline to the shoulder.
  • Minimize the gap between both legs and place the legs aligned.
  • Now while breathing, lift the upper part of the body up to the waist.
  • Do not stretch too hard. Breathe slowly in this posture and keep going.

The 5 yogas mentioned above will help in making your body strong and flexible. He is also known as Yoga for Muscle Gain. Its regular practice will give good results.

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