Horse Blanket And Horse Sheets – Options And Top Brands

Horse Blanket And Horse Sheets – Options And Top Brands

Horse blanket

Choosing the best Horse Blanket options for your equine partner in cold weather doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Prioritize horse care and the features that would benefit your horse.

The different horse blanket accessories and features

Stable blankets and stable sheets keep your horse warm while he’s in the barn.  These blankets are not waterproof and are a simple design and style.  Turnout blankets and turnout sheets offer waterproof protection and durability for rough weather and play in the paddock. Turnout blankets are usually a higher denier, indicating a denser and more durable fabric.  Some brands have rip stop technology to prevent small tears from becoming larger tears.   Fly sheets and fly masks, designed for warm weather use, are wispy fabric blankets without fill for warding off insects.

All blanket styles come in weights, which indicates how much fill is inside.  Sheets do not have any fill. Lightweight horse blankets have 100 grams of fill, medium weight blankets have 200 grams of fill, and heavyweight blankets have 300 grams of fill or more.  Coolers and quarter sheets are fleece or wool and keep your horse warm while being groomed or ridden.  Under saddle, they help keep your horse tack and saddle pad covered just in case you are stuck in bad weather. 

Blanket styles vary in key features.  Because so many horses have different shaped withers, look for options around the shoulder.  High gussets provide shoulder movement, and high neck styles may prevent so much pressure on taller withers.  Some high neck styles and neck covers may attach to the headstall of your horse’s halter for security while turned out.  Blanket liners, usually made from slippery lycra fabric, help prevent rubs around the wither and shoulder areas. 

When finding the perfect horse blanket or horse sheet, consider how it’s attached around the belly and legs.  Surcingles can be criss-cross over the entire belly, or just a single strap around the girth.  Leg straps prevent the sides from flipping upwards with the wind, and secure the back half of the blanket better than a tail cord. 

Sizing for horse blankets ranges from foal and dog size, all the way up to draft size.  Neck covers are also available for some styles, allowing you to attach a horse-sized scarf to your blanket for extra cold weather protection.

Your stable supplies should include grooming tools and brushes, liniments, and clippers.  Don’t forget about the blanket wash for your horse’s clothing!  Specialty detergents specifically for horse sheets and blankets bust through tough horse dirt and help keep the fabric waterproof. 

Top horse blanket brands

Weatherbeeta’s reputation for durable, high denier turnout blankets and sheets is unsurpassed.  They have offerings for all seasons, from to light cotton sheets to heavy weight turnout styles with neck covers.  In summer, the Weatherbeeta Comfitec fly sheets have matching fly masks for full body protection. 

Horseware Ireland’s line of horse blankets in all shapes and sizes is easy to discern.  Rambo products have the toughest outer shell, their ballistic nylon fabric.  Rhino horse blankets have a barrier layer between the outer and inner layers, for more rain protection. Amigo horse blankets are also quite strong, with an outer shell that’s 42% stronger than a standard polyester shell. There are waterproof options for all budgets and needs.  Horseware also has an affordable Mio line, with great fly sheets! 

Kensington products are noted for their fun plaid patterns and designs in addition to long lasting quality.  The extensive collection of fly masks and fly protection.  For cold weather, Kensington offers a medium weight neck warmer that fits over many styles and brands of horse blanket.  

Buying online doesn’t have to be complicated either!  When your new horse clothing arrives, make sure your horse is clean for a test fit.  This may be required for the return policy.  Keep the tote bag that your blanket arrives in for storage during off seasons.  

Special offers are there for the taking! Like horse treat recipes. Take advantage of email signup at checkout, too for alerts to future sales. 

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