How To Choose A Blog Niche That Makes Money

How To Choose A Blog Niche That Makes Money

Choose A Blog Niche

If you want to be a blogger and turn it into a passion with which you could earn money from home online, then you can write anything under the street side lamp post. And if your goal is to make money, then choosing the right niche is the most important part to build your blog. Suppose if you will choose a highly competitive niche, then obviously your blog will go down by a high authority website. You have to choose a niche that is neither high competitive nor less competitive. You need to find a niche that’s in the middle and easily can be monetized.

In this post, I’ll try to cover a few tips on how to choose a perfect blog niche and turn it into a successful income stream!

Read another blog post: Before choosing a niche and starting blogging better start is to read other’s blogs. You may start like write down every idea of a blog post that is related to your chosen one or you are thinking about going with. Its will help you to brainstorm and even you will get enough idea to keep writing. If you can better read at least 100 blog posts. 

Research for blog niche idea: There is plenty of platform and search engine that might be considered to get potential blog niche ideas. As a best social media platform Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook might be considered first to get a better niche idea.

Pick your topic: Writing about one topic or related to your chosen one, helps you to become an expert on it. And today’s most successful blogs are known for one topic. Even most people give up blogging after a couple of months because of losing interest in it. So it’s important to pick a topic that you will like to write about and talk about. It could be about anything like your hobby, your traveling experience, or even the test of the burger you last ate. You don’t have to be an expert on any of the chosen topics, all you need is to choose a topic that makes you feel excited to talk about or you love to talk about. 

Do market research: Before choosing any niche for your blog or the one you love to talk or write. Make a research about that, like how other successful bloggers are writing content with your chosen niche or what strategy they are following, or how competitive the chosen niche is. And need to know can you be able to write about the chosen niche for the next 1 to 3 years or not. Also, you may research across the market which will be the best picking one without any competition at all or maybe less competitive. And believe it or not, this will make success easier. To get better search results about your chosen niche like it is profitable to choose or not, may search with google trends. You will get a clear idea about the interest of the chosen niche and how many people are searching for it on daily basis. And the amazing thing is Google trend is a free tool. Another way could be, do a google search for the best blog with your niche keyword. If you found less result of your search that means less audience and people are not quite interested in it, or if you found high search result means there is a large number audience in it.  Or even you can use Ahref, Mozbar, Buzzsumo to discover the most shared content in your chosen one.

Make sure it’s profitable: It’s not like you are doing a blog just to attract the audience, but also you need to make sure with your chosen niche you can earn from home online. You can look at other competing blogs along with the magazine’s industry, and also may look at products and services sold online so that you can get an idea of which niche will be profitable to choose and start.

Read income report: There are a few bloggers who publish their income reports on how much they are earning each month. By reading their report will help you to get about what niche to choose and what activities to focus on. And you will also get to know how other successful bloggers are making money with your chosen one. 

Finally, when you will get the way to start with your chosen one, start writing and become a creative content creator by the time!

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