How to Find a Regulated Forex Broker You Can Safely Work With?

How to Find a Regulated Forex Broker You Can Safely Work With?

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When you are a part of the Forex trading world, having a regulated Forex broker is necessary since you need a third party if you want to trade. Having a good broker goes beyond that – you can get more advanced advice, ask questions and have support from your broker that you wouldn’t get anywhere else. While you should aim to become more independent over time, your broker can help you figure out a good trading plan and even prevent you from making bad trading decisions (if you are willing to discuss and listen). That’s why it’s essential to find a regulated Forex broker so you can feel more at ease and stay away from scams (nobody needs that). Here are some easy but effective ways to find a regulated broker that you will hopefully have a lovely collaboration with as long as you are willing to trade.

Reviews – your best friend

Checking each Forex broker on the regulatory body website’s database is a must if you are determined to keep your money safe from scammers. Their database has all regulated and licensed brokers and automatically protects you from fraud. If the company, you had in mind isn’t on the list – they’re probably a scam. Be sure to check the regulator website according to your area (where you live, your country, continent), so you can be sure everything is right. Broker reviews are great, and checking out a specific broker’s social media can give a lot more info than you think. Pay attention to comments and when was the last time the page was updated. The consistency and the way they handle their online image presence can tell you a lot about them and how willing they are to show themselves and keep their reputation up.


Once you opened a trading account with a regulated Forex broker, what’s next? Try investing everything you can the same day! Wrong! An expert and a person (your broker) whose job is to make you more independent and profitable will be the first to tell you this is something you shouldn’t do in any case. While you need to put some money into your account to open it, this money’s purpose is for trading only, and you choose when and how much you will use. Ideally, you will start with a small amount to see how the market reacts and observe the charts. Your broker doesn’t have control over your trading account, so if you end up investing a lot and losing right at the beginning, think why you didn’t want to listen. Was there some peer pressure? These days everybody “knows” everything about Forex so that you might’ve fallen under the influence of it all. Try focusing on various quality sources and what you talk to your broker about. It’s your money, and you should respect it and your time as well. There will always be somebody “who knows better”. Stick to the expert sources. You know they’re reliable and don’t rush it.


Patience indeed is a virtue, especially in Forex trading. The journey might seem slow, depending on what you choose to trade on, but that’s where your power as a trader lies. Knowing when to stay put and when to act is something you learn, but your broker will be there to support you as well. That being said, your trading tactics will also be a thing you discuss with your Forex broker, and you might figure out you want to invest in something else, not Bitcoin (as an example). It will depend on how much time you have on your hands and how impulsive (or not) you might be. Don’t worry; you will figure out everything and ask when you don’t understand something by talking honestly. Take the opportunity!

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