How To Get Rid of Pigeons-Get all Possible Solutions

How To Get Rid of Pigeons-Get all Possible Solutions

Get Rid of Pigeons

Pigeons are often considered attractive birds. But, only the people who live in the place where a massive flock of these birds is around can understand the struggle with them. It may sound hard to it, but Pigeons are indeed the pests that invade homes, spread diseases and damage properties and gardens, etc.

On top of this, cleaning the entire terrace and balcony is an additional work that adds up to the daylong stress of the households.

So, no wonder that most of us are already looking for the necessary measures to get rid of pigeons from both our living place or working space. In this digital world, one can find enough solutions using chemicals, and repellents to keep the flock of pigeons away. But, these are not the safest solution out there.

For instance, a loose net can fall over the kids playing on the terrace at any time and the chemicals may bring in side effects due to harsh composition.

Besides, it is not possible to get the expected results from netting and repellents unless you have some experience in ensuring the safety and efficiency of the used resources. So, the safest and best solution to get rid of pigeons is to hire a reputed Pigeon Netting Service.

Nevertheless, this article focuses on conveying all the possible solutions to keep the pigeons away from your premises.

How to Get Rid of Pigeons without Hurting Them?

According to the Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981, killing any wild bird species is illegal. Although being a pest, Pigeons come under those species. This means pigeons’ infestation can be prevented only by the approved ways.

On the other hand, anything that hurts pigeons can hurt humans as well. May it be random traps, improper functioning of nets, and harmful chemical repellents. This is why it is highly recommended for both households and commercial properties to hire a reputed pest control service in the area instead.

Well, some innovative ways are proven to be quite effective in preventing pigeons from landing and nesting in any place. One of them is Falconry.


Falconry is by far the natural yet most effective way to deter pigeons from landing on your premises. In this method, trained birds of prey are made to fly over the area frequently until they fall into the eyes of pigeons. By seeing those birds of prey in an area, pigeons won’t come to the area feeling that it is occupied by the predator birds and move on.

Falconry is a long-term solution for the bird-infested property, mainly the pigeon. Besides, you won’t need to use any harsh methods that might hurt pigeons by using a natural threat like this.

Additional Procedures to Take to Keep Pigeons Away

Although Falconry is one of the best ways to get rid of pigeons for a long time, it is quite challenging to get such trained birds of prey.

Even precautionary measures such as removing food and water in the open can be effective in preventing pigeons. But, once the infestation starts with a flock, they come frequently to the area for a long period until they realize it. So, the best solution is to opt for professional services.

Well, there is no specific way for permanent relief from the pigeons as it is crucial to keep on changing them based on several factors. Here are some methods that professionals can help you get the best results.

Anti-Bird Spikes

As the name suggests, this method involves an attachable spike’s set which can be attached to any surface at ease. The presence of a spiked surface prevents pigeons from nesting in the areas without harming them as the birds will naturally know this surface is not meant for perching or nesting.

Professionals can help you in the proper attachment at the right place so that the spikes won’t injure humans. Even laying the surface can damage the roof if not properly installed, so professional help is pretty essential for novices.

Parallel Wires

One of the most effective ways to prevent pigeons is to prevent them from landing and nesting in the area. Parallel wires that run across the targeted areas where you see pigeon infestation more is the best way to do it. Those wired structures can be placed both on the roof or other areas preventing pigeons from landing and without proper nesting areas, the flock will slowly move on.

Bird Netting

pigeon netting

Creating a net barrier in the area can prevent pigeons effectively. But, the netting should be installed in the right way with proper tools and equipment so that it won’t harm the people around it. Pigeon Bird Netting Services with advanced resources and experienced workers can help you in the perfect installation of Pigeon Nets.

Bird Gels

Bird Gels are basically sticky chemicals that can stick the pigeon’s feet to the surface. Thus, the bird will feel it inconvenient to get free and nest around the area.  Pigeons won’t prefer uncomfortable areas where they need to struggle every time to break free of the glue and thus abandon the place faster than the expectations.

Decoy Kites

Pigeons can be prevented from landing in a certain area by using a kite-shaped decoy having a bird image in it. Although it is less effective in some cases, decoys with bird images swaying in the wind can often fall into the eyes of pigeons. It is essential to make sure that the decoy is easily visible as pigeons can overlook it easily.


Laser lights can blind the eyes of the pigeon and never want to return to such areas with which they have to struggle to nest on. But, the way of setting the lights in the proper place in the proper direction is what is important in this method.

What do Pigeons Hate?

The presence of other birds such as birds of prey is quite disturbing for the Pigeons which is why Falconry is the most effective way to prevent them. But, there are few things that Pigeons hate the most. Some of them include strong smells from harsh chemicals, cinnamon or pepper spray, etc.

Pigeons are one of the few birds that don’t want to stay and nest in an area that creates any inconvenience, may it be lasers or parallel wires. Thus, all those disturbing elements that pigeons hate are often installed in the areas that are needed to be bird-free.

How Do I Get Rid of Pigeons on My Roof?

Pigeons always look out for the places that are best to hide and nest, whereas food and water are just essential for them. Thus, there is no better place than a roof with all these amenities.

If you want to prevent pigeons from the roof, you need to either take away those amenities or keep them from landing on a stable surface. To figure out the proper method for your roof, you need to try multiple ways as the results may differ to adverse conditions and sometimes improper functions.

For an instance, if pigeons are making a nest on the surface of the roof, then repellent is a proven method to prevent it. Those sticky chemicals will bother the pigeons in landing and moving around in search of food and shelter. Even the parallel wires method can be useful to a great extent by challenging the pigeons to land on the surface of the roof.

But, if this method won’t work for your roof, you can create illusions to the pigeons by using decoy kites. Pigeons won’t prefer staying with other species at all, which is why your space will be bird-free from now.

What Smell Do Pigeons Not like?

Pigeons are not at all fond of strong or harsh scents. In fact, they can’t bear it at all. So, the use of any strong chemicals that release strong odor can be an effective way to keep pigeons away from the premises. For the effective results from this method, you need to spread the odor releasing chemicals everywhere using either sprays or powders.

If you have already found the pigeon nests, such strong smells of pepper or essential oils will force the Pigeons to move on to another place without causing any harm to them.

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Pigeon infestation may look like a small problem, but it can be as devastating as possible. Sometimes, the damages can reach beyond your expectations. One of the best examples for this is Pigeons being the easy vector of harmful microbes like viruses and parasites as they feed on insects. So, anything they bite or sit on can be harmful to your health in multiple ways.

With such adverse results from the pigeon infestation, it has become crucial to approach a reputed pest control service with good experience as the topmost priority.

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