How To start A Gym And Fitness Center in Dubai?

How To start A Gym And Fitness Center in Dubai?

Gym And Fitness Center

A gym or fitness centers are established for those individuals who are in the quest for being fit and gaining a healthy body. These places are equipped with different materials like weights, jumping boards, stationary bikes, barbells and much more. This growing obsession with achieving an ideal body has resulted in the emergence of new and different gym or fitness centers in Dubai. According to several survey reports, the fitness industry of Dubai has witnessed an increasing revenue growth recently. This is due to the favorable rules and regulations imposed by the government of Dubai which opened up numerous opportunities in this field of business. 

However, there are some activities that are strictly prohibited within this particular business. First, let’s discuss that. 

Activities that are Restricted

The following are the list of activities that are prohibited in gym and fitness centers. These activities should never be executed under any circumstances as it may even lead to the shutting down of your business.

  • Hiring of female staffs at gym for men
  • Permitting noisy sports activities in the gym
  • Using the gym and fitness premises for the accommodation of staffs
  • Allowing clients with an infectious disease to use gym
  • Using equipment and appliances that are normally used for diagnoses.
  • Providing medical or physiological treatments for diseases
  • Prescription of pills and other supplements for weight loss/gain by an unqualified nutritionist  

Steps involved in getting gym license in Dubai

If you wish to start a gym or fitness center in Dubai, there are a number of procedures that have to be followed precisely. First you have to choose the right jurisdiction for your center. You can either choose Dubai free zone or mainland. If you prefer the mainland, you have to obtain a professional license. Even though it gives you 100% ownership, you have to appoint a local service agent (LSA). However, they will only handle the administrative functions like dealing with the government councils.

 After appointing an LSA you have to undertake the steps listed down.

  • Choose a Legal structure
  • Choose a name for your gym/fitness center
  • Obtain initial approval from DED
  • Lease out a gym facility in the right location
  • Obtain external approvals from the relevant authorities and municipality
  • Submit all the documents and receive the gym license 

On the other hand, if you are planning to start your gym or fitness center in the Dubai Free Zone, first you need to obtain a trade license. Afterwards, follow the steps listed below. 

  • Submit copies of passport and visa
  • Obtain the No Objection Certificate for the initial approval
  • Seek approval for the company trade name
  • Sign the Memorandum of approval
  • Choose the appropriate location and sign the lease
  • Submit all the documents before the DED and receive your gym license 

After collecting your license, you can then legally start your own gym or fitness center in Dubai. 

What are the things to consider before starting a gym or fitness center in Dubai?

First of all, before setting up your fitness business in Dubai, you have to obtain a few approvals and permits from some important entities. Those important entities are listed below:

  • The General Juvenile and Sports Welfare Authority
  • Department of Health
  • The Emirates Bodybuilding and Weightlifting committee

Secondly, you must be over 21 years of age to obtain this particular license for running your own gym or fitness center in Dubai. Then, you have to submit the copy of your registered lease and a partnership memorandum. 

List of apparatus that have to be equipped in the premise

Gyms and fitness centers must be equipped with the following facilities:

  • Source for drinking water
  • Appropriate ventilation
  • Well maintained furniture and quality machines
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Changing rooms
  • Lockers and cupboards
  • Clean and hygienics premises
  • All essential first aid items

How much does it cost to set up a gym or fitness center in Dubai?

So, how much does it really take to start a gym and fitness center in Dubai? This entire procedure can cost you around somewhere between 35,000 AED and 50,000 AED. In addition to this, it might cost more for the equipment and other facilities. Therefore, you have to make a clear plan before stepping into the company setup in Dubai. Similarly, there would be other expenditures like insurance, visa and more. 


The fitness industry is thriving day by day in Dubai. All are obsessed with getting fit and maintaining health. So, starting a gym or fitness center is really a beneficial idea to earn a lot of revenue. However, for starting a gym and fitness center it requires thorough planning and a better insight. This is because there are a number of procedures involved in the Dubai business registration and licensing of your fitness center. You have to obtain approvals and permits from a different range of authorities. Hiring a business consultancy can make this tedious task easy and effortless. They can help you in the formation of your business as well as guide you through the whole process.

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