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Know 3 Types Of Hot Water Service

Know 3 Types Of Hot Water Service

Hot Water Service

It is very difficult to perform household chores in winter, since the temperature is low. What makes it even more difficult is the absence of a good hot water system. You cannot use cold water to do the dishes or take a bath, when the temperature outside is freezing. Hence, there are some amazing hot water service systems available in the market that you can choose from based on your requirement and budget.

In this blog, we shall be discussing some of the most common types of hot water service systems along with their features. We recommend reading about them all and then making an informed decision.

Types of hot water service system:

  • Heat pump
  • Gas (natural or LPG) — tank or tank less
  • Solar — electric or gas (natural or LPG) boosted

An in-depth overview of the hot water service system:

Heat pumps

After achieving success in Japanese market, this hot water service system has recently been introduced in other parts of the globe. With a high efficiency rate, these heating systems can be used for households that where the water consumption is high. This hot water system draws energy from the environment to heat the water which is the best part. Although, it does consume electricity to run the compressor but the consumption is far less than other options available in the market. There functioning is quite the opposite of a refrigerator. While a refrigerator cools the air, they heat it up.

Gas hot water service

This is the most common type of hot water service system that you will find in homes. This is an environment-friendly option because it does not emit any harmful gases as it uses natural gas to heat the water. So, gas hot water service water is a good choice for those who want an eco-friendly product in their house.

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Solar hot water system

In recent years, the focus has shifted from traditional energy sources to solar power. With advancement in technology and the increase in awareness amongst the masses, the popularity of solar-powered products has grown tremendously, and solar water heater is an addition. This hot water service system works on solar power and uses it to heat the water, thus ensuring hot water supply throughout the day. Governments also provides some special discount or subsidies to people who opt for solar water heater system. This is also cost-saving option as you do not use electricity for hot water.

Choosing the hot water service provider

Investing in a hot water service system is a one-time investment, so you need to ensure that you choose the best system that lasts long. The servicing and upkeep should be optimum to keep up the performance of your water heater. Many homeowners ignore regular servicing of their hot water system until the problem aggravates and become too evident. Hence, you must sign a contract with the authorized hot water system servicing professionals to ensure longevity. While choosing them, you need to take into account the following pointers:

  • Always look for the most experienced professionals with valid licenses
  • Check their reviews and ratings on various review websites and social media platforms
  • Speak to them personally before hiring
  • Ask about their total cost, the payment plan and if there are any hidden charges


The above article is just a small description of various hot water service systems along with some of the key points that you must remember while buying a hot water system. Make sure that you keep them in mind while making the purchase. The next step is to ensure regular servicing so that the hot water system works efficiently for years to come.

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