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Know The Reasons Why The Trendy Positive Bamboo Plant is Gifted to Special Ones!

Know The Reasons Why The Trendy Positive Bamboo Plant is Gifted to Special Ones!

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The bamboo plants are assessed as lucky plants and reassuring as per the Feng Shui and Vastu shastra. According to Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra, bamboo symbols admire stability, flexibility, and health. It is recognized that keeping the bamboo plant at home and in the office, lucky bamboo is a confirming plant when it comes to wealth helps in the activity of positive strength, in a stab, producing adequate wealth and success.

Bamboo plants are components of the grass family, retaining hollow evergreen joint stems are culms, but some varieties of bamboo have strong culms. The pipe-like pattern of the plant also indicates the intuition of admitting the energy discharge from within to the outer world, therefore, relieving your sense and spirit. It desires a powerful life crammed with happiness. It’s a wonderful indoor plant for your living space. 

Presently bamboo plants are obtainable in various sizes and variations – from tiny size ‘friendship plants’, where poles of bamboos are piled up concurrently and linked with a red ribbon and placed in a glass pot filled with rocks, pebbles, and water, to the larger clams with long size and thick stems and leaves.

Bamboo plants have different meanings and benefits.

  • 1 Stalk exemplifies the truth and commitment.  
  • 2 stalks indicate lover and wedding gifts for newly wedding pairs.  
  • 3 stalks is a wish for a birthday gift or New Year gift.  
  • 5 Stalks represent five elements of nature:- air, water, earth, fire, and wood bamboo plant represents these five elements as balance, peace, health, harmony, and power. 
  • 6 Stalks flirt a very meaningful role in our lives; they attract more prosperity in life, achievement in your business or proficient endeavours, and symmetry of the home.6 Stalks are mostly used as lucky bamboo sticks. 
  • 7 stalks symbolize 7 days in the weekend 7 days of the rainbow; it provides more romance and love in your relationship and prosperity in group work or projects.  
  • 8 Stalks of the lucky bamboo plant exemplify enormous success, attractions of business, the elation of life, and enormous Wealth. 8,18,28or 38 Stalks stand for prosperity. 
  • 9 Stalks of lucky bamboo plants that can play a great role in Indian Numerology are called the God’s Number” for good Fortune in every field of life. 10 Stalks Wish for the pure life for the recipient to realize exact and satisfied.  
  • 11 Stalks lucky bamboo is wanting somebody a powerful profitable life or a wealthy business. 
  • 21 Stalks of the lucky bamboo plant give a very influential miracle for great prosperity, overcoming condition, and Good luck and quantity.

Refrain gifting a stack of four bamboo plants, as it signifies a wish for death.

Know the ways to keep bamboo plants healthy;

  • As per the Feng Shui and Vastu shastra, the bamboo plant in the east sector attracts Health. You can place the bamboo plant in the southeast sector if you want to attract wealth. If you place a bamboo plant on the centre of the dining table, the energy it persuades to make twice as much ice as the quantity. If you place 6 stalks of bamboo plant in the east corner of the office, it brings the health of your livelihood or business success and wealth. Buy bamboo plants online to boost your health and wealth.
  • Avert keeping the plant under direct sunlight.
  • There are two ways to plant the lucky bamboo – in a pot or a glass container with pebbles. Both paths are faultlessly equalized to unify the five Feng Shui elements.
  • If the bamboo plant in clay pot depicts the 5 elements, Earth is symbolized through the soil that the bamboo roots from; the wood is the bamboo itself; the water is in the added water for the plant to grow; the metal is the pot it is grown in; and the element of fire is in the red ribbon tied around the bamboo.
  • As such, if the bamboo is grown in a glass container, Earth is depicted through the pebbles; add some water in the pot as water is what the roots are submerged in; the wood the stem symbolizes the wood element; the fire as tie the plant with red ribbon and the glass itself is a metal in Feng Shui. In this way, each element holds another or is held together by the other – a cycle that completely rationalizes the communion of all five elements.
  • According to Feng Shui and Vastu shastra, anyone who receives a lucky bamboo as a “New Year’s gift” will endure good accomplishment and abundance for at least the next year.
  •  Lucky Bamboo plants are anyhow a favorite selection for “housewarming gifts”. They make incredible holiday gift plants because they flourish in low light and can endure for years in a pot filled with only pebbles and water. According to Chinese tradition, anyone who receives a lucky bamboo as a New Year’s gift will resist good fortune and abundance for at least another year.

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