Pros of Outdoor Intimate Elopement

Pros of Outdoor Intimate Elopement

Outdoor Intimate Elopement
The experts say that there are pros to outdoor intimate elopements. But the critics say there are cons too.

The experts say that there are pros to outdoor intimate elopements. But the critics say there are cons too. The truth is there, but there is a lot to consider whether it is an outdoor or private event and wedding catering, wedding and event planning, wedding ceremony and reception venue selection and even the budget needs to be considered. If you are considering an outdoor intimate elopement, here are some pros and cons to look at.


The advantages of private elopement are many. The advantages of private elopement are several.

  • First, there is privacy. For most private weddings and events in the woods, the venue is set far back from the hustle and bustle of the main event so the guests have the opportunity to really enjoy themselves. Private events in the woods such as a summer private ceremony, catering wedding can be really fun and relaxing.
  • When it comes to event and wedding catering, the pros of a private event elope are numerous. The advantage of private events is that they can cater to a smaller crowd. As opposed to public event catering, which can cater for thousands if not millions, private events can serve to feed a smaller crowd.
  • Private elopements can also offer a more intimate setting. Some couples prefer a private setting and quiet surroundings for their special event and wedding catering.


However, the pros of private elopements do come with some cons as well. One of the greatest disadvantages to a private event and choosing such locations are 

  • Wedding catering, as it is not as open to the general public as public events. In other words, elopements do not provide the same amount of exposure to prospective customers and clients that public events do.
  • The venues that are available for weddings and events are usually very popular and used regularly. The venues are also a little more expensive than venues used for less intimate ceremonies.
  • The other issue that people may run into is that the event may not be successful if there are not enough people to attend it.
  • Several different factors determine a successful event and these include the time of the year, the location of the event, the type of event, and the guest list. For instance, an outdoor wedding or event in a garden would require a lot more guests than a private dinner at someone’s home.
  • The guest list is also important because it provides the scope for the number of people who want to attend the event. Such venues usually have available space for limited amount of guests.

Things To Keep In Mind

Wedding ceremonies take up a lot of space and are very complicated. People who are planning an event will need to make sure they have enough space for all the guests that will be attending.

 The type of event will also determine how much work is involved. Some people have a lot of experience in wedding ceremonies and know all of the details, while others will need to hire professionals to plan and organize the event. This will be one of the costs that will be incurred by the couple.

Another reason why couples will look into the pros of intimate elopement is that the venue for the event may be private and not open to the public. This can be beneficial to people who are trying to keep their wedding and reception a secret.

 Another reason why people will choose to elope is that the weather is bad. People with young children might not be able to attend a formal event in the rain or wind.


When people consider the pros of outdoor intimate elopement, they should remember that the venue will be for private events. They will have an entire room set aside for their guests to dine in and pictures will be taken, and the time spent there will not be shared with anyone else.

The couple will have the option of exchanging vows at any point during the event, whether it starts or ends at dinner. They can also decide if they want to exchange their vows on a beach, in the garden, or if they would rather have a traditional wedding right at the couple’s home. It will be up to them to make the choice that works best for them.

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