Sleep Problems During Pregnancy – Why They Happen & What to Do?

Sleep Problems During Pregnancy – Why They Happen & What to Do?

Sleep Problems During Pregnancy

Insomnia or sleeplessness is one of the most commonly suffered problems during pregnancy. It doesn’t really matter whether it is the first trimester or the third trimester of your pregnancy; insomnia is one symptom that can bother you all through your pregnancy.

Reasons Behind Sleep Problems During Pregnancy

#Hormonal Changes

For most of the peculiar symptoms you may experience during pregnancy, hormonal changes are to be blamed, and so is the case with sleeplessness. During pregnancy, your body undergoes drastic changes in hormones, and some of these may make you feel exhausted.

In particular, the surge in progesterone hormone levels has a somewhat soothing effect on your body, which makes you feel tired. This fatigue and tiredness are what cause changes in your sleep patterns. You may begin taking more rest during the daytime because of the constant fatigue and tiredness, which may make it difficult for you to enjoy a tight and refreshing sleep at night.

#Frequent Urination

The increased frequency of urination is another thing that can be held responsible for insomnia during pregnancy. Specifically, towards the last trimester, as your baby begins to exert pressure on your internal organs, you may be forced to visit the restroom too often. And every time you need to urinate during the night, your sleep gets disturbed, and it becomes hard to fall asleep.

#Stress and Anxiety

Most expecting mothers are increasingly worried about their baby’s health, parenting abilities, and the childbirth process. There are lots of things that may bother you, and all this thinking leads to anxiety buildup. And with anxiety and stress hovering over your mind makes it difficult to enjoy a peaceful slumber.

To treat insomnia during pregnancy, you must discuss your case with your healthcare provider. And although he may not recommend any prescription drugs to help you get a more comfortable sleep, he may recommend some deep breathing, yoga, and other such natural ways to improve your sleep.

Tips to Sleep Better During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an important phase in a woman’s life. Sleeping during pregnancy is essential in all three trimesters to make it a soothing experience and prepare for a healthy child by your side. Earlier, there was a belief that less sleep was beneficial for the expecting mother. Later, it was proved medically that a good amount of sleep improves the expectant mother’s and the baby’s health inside.

Sound sleep and pregnancy seem two contradictory ideas. During pregnancy, women generally wonder about the child or fantasize about parenting, which hampers sleep. But sound sleep is very much needed to keep your body fit during this period.

#Steer Clear of Stress & Anxiety

Rest well and enjoy dreaming of your baby that you will cuddle with after a few months. Proper rest will allow your body to secret the necessary hormones that take care of your body. As a result, your baby inside the cavern of your womb gets nourished. Many negative thoughts and anxiety will come to play in your mind.

However, you should not allow these thoughts to steal your sleep. Boost yourself with positive thoughts, sharing your feelings with your family members, and reading good books on children and topics that make your mind peaceful.

#Take Short Naps During the Day

Your night-time sleep must be undisturbed. However, short naps in the daytime also do wonder for your body’s comfort. If it is possible, take a power nap any time you want. If you have a baby in the house, enjoy the siesta with her. You can also take a rest at your working desk.

#Drink Less Water Before Bedtime

In the first trimester, sleep is more required because the body undergoes many changes every day. During the first three months, the body works more because of the extra hormonal production. Naturally, you feel sick and sleepy, and in the first trimester, you actually rest a lot.

But, as the enlarged uterus presses the bladder, you need to go to the bathroom constantly, even at midnight. Your desire to urinate increases and you lack energy the more you need to wake up to go to the bathroom.

Keep your way to the bathroom free from any blocks to avoid any chance to stumble and fall. Turn a night lamp on and keep the floor of your way from the bedroom to the bathroom clean so that you can smoothly make your midnight trip.

What you can do is drink a lot of water during the daytime and less before sleep. Drinking water frequently throughout the day and taking less water before bedtime at night is good for your health.

#Use Pregnancy Pillows

In the mid-trimester, look for some maternity pillows for a more comfortable sleep. You may feel uncomfortable because of your tender breasts. Arrange a comfy pillow and try to sleep on the left side. Your sleeping position may need to be changed as your tender and sore breasts may hinder the regular sleeping pattern.

#Sleep on Your Left Side

Doctors say that sleeping on your left side allows the blood circulation to be good. Also, there is no restriction; your body will wake you up to change position if it needs. You may buy differently shaped pregnancy pillows that make your sleeping really comfortable.

#Take a Shower

In the last three months, sleep becomes worse. Hence, you need to prepare yourself for a sound sleep. In the hot season, you can take a shower or at least wet your hand and feet before bedtime. Keep an extra set of dresses and underwear beside your bed so that you can change quickly when you sweat.

Take a bath before sleeping in the third trimester, and always wear ultra-soft cotton maternity nighties before you go to bed. This phase is for getting ready for childbirth gradually. A light exercise or swimming or brisk walking in the afternoon makes your bedtime sleepy and comfortable.

#Avoid Lying on Your Back

Never allow yourself to lie on your back for a long time because it may put pressure on your spine, back muscles, and intestine. Try to sleep on the left side for a better flow of blood. Do not sleep on your back for a long time, particularly in the last phase of pregnancy, because you may have back injuries from putting extra weight on the back. Sleep well with your baby inside, and have a sweet dream to see her sleeping by your side very soon.

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