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Things Should Remember Before Purchasing a High MERV Filter

Things Should Remember Before Purchasing a High MERV Filter

Looking for an air conditioner filter?

The market is filled with so many options according to the specific areas, size, and MERV rating. Many low-MERV rating filters claim that they are efficient to remove dust particles from the air and maintain the needful airflow.

A few years ago, when people were not aware of the purpose of air filters they only looked for one parameter that AC, HVAC, or furnace should be clean, always so fresh a pollution-free environment stays around us and the system can operate trouble-free.

We all know cleanliness is a big task then filters came into existence. They fix the problem of dust, dirt, and mold that directly stick to the surfaces of AC and impact the efficiency and speed of the AC. You don’t need to spend too much on the filter. A simple fiberglass filter paper may also maintain cleanliness.

Now, the purpose of using an air filter is still similar but as the technology evolved new elements include. Now, consumption and usage of energy are also a concern. People buy an air conditioner that is energy efficient and operates well without restricting the airflow.


Is there any problem with the High MERV rating air filter?

Many homeowners are looking for the highest quality, high efficient air filters that can reduce the pollution level and restrict the health issues that emerge from the dust at their residential places, and make it comfortable to live.

At that moment, they forget the proper area and measurement of the place where they want to install their HVAC system with the high MERV filter. If it is too big for the room you will get uncomfortable breathing and also high operational usability will reduce the service life of the HVAC system.

You should call a professional to measure your room, then he will take the measurement of the HVAC system, and based on the measurements of the room and HVAC system, he will suggest which size of filter should be installed so the airflow will stay the same and operational usage and energy consumption will be balanced.

How to fix the performance issues of air conditioning?

If the size of the filter and the HVAC system is the same this reduces the proper airflow and the HVAC performance issues will arise. You need to purchase a new filter shortly.

  • Before purchasing a new high MERV rating filter you should talk to an air conditioner expert or filter manufacturer shop owner. You can tell them the measurement of the HVAC system and your room so he can give you an ideal size of the filter.
  • High MERV rating filters made with high-dense filter media that has the capability to restrict fine dust particles but also reduces the airflow.

To eliminate such real-world problems you can try this way.

  • Check if the HVAC system delivers the 2 square feet/ ton air or not.
  • If the inappropriate size of the filter is a problem that reduces the airflow, you can add an air filter with an appropriate MERV rating which will increase the airflow inside the room.


  • You can install a big-size air filter with MERV 12-16 rating to receive the proper airflow.
  • ASHRAE also recommended installing an air filter designed with MERV13 and 14. It will enhance the air quality of your home’s indoor atmosphere.
  • A professional will monitor the pressure of the system so he can give you choices of filter material with appropriate ratings.

In different homes, the source of ventilation is different and the installation of the HVAC is also different. If you are purchasing an air filter, the professional has to visit your home so he can analyze the room area requirements, HVAC system measurement for the proper airflow.

A high MERV rating filter can trap dust, viruses, bacterias, pat sanders with faster speed but it also increases the electricity bills and operational cycles. These MERV rating filters will put on a financial burden on your pockets. So, please consult at once before buying a high-efficiency air filter. Are you really in need or it’s just to show off your standards?

Hope this guide will help you at some point.

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