Top 5 Best Things To Do In Corsica, France

Top 5 Best Things To Do In Corsica, France

Things To Do In Corsica

Corsica is a true paradise, especially for beach lovers, surrounded by impressive coastal towns, snow-capped mountains, landscapes, dense forests, lush green parks, gorgeous white sand beaches, and stunning attractions. The Mediterranean island offers breathtaking seaside scenery; hence it is called the ‘Island of Captivating Beauty.’ Nearly half of the island is packed with hiking trails, including the most challenging GR 20, and it offers plenty of hiking opportunities to outdoor adventure seekers.

The beach destination of the island begins from Pietracorbara to some of the remote regions of Saleccia and Rondinara. Water sports lovers can enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, sailing, paddleboarding, and other thrilling activities on the island’s beaches. The Italian culture of the place is widely famous and holds a special place in the hearts of locals and travelers from different cities or countries. Other than this, the area is popular for its palatable food and enchanting music. 

Discover the best things to do in Corsica, France, with the help of a helpful travel guide. 

Witness the exquisite beauty and charm of Bonifacio

Bonifacio is one of the popular tourist attractions in Corsica, France. It is a well-maintained town, offering phenomenal sea views of the city even from a distant place. The area’s ambiance is iconic, and there are medieval lanes and narrow alleyways in the region. The 12th to 13th century of Eglise Sainte-Marie-Majeure is the heart and soul of the town. The church looks majestic and built with some of the best Gothic elements. Therefore, the place is worth visiting and exploring. 

In addition, there is a 13th century built Eglise Saint-Dominique, featuring an austere facade and a gorgeous interior. Bonifacio is regarded as the largest natural reserve of Corsica, France, encompassing cliffs and the Lavezzi islands. Near the town are numerous beautiful beaches. Tourists can also explore any beautiful part of the town, Santa Teresa di Gallura in Sardinia, and it takes only a one-hour ferry ride to commute to the site. 

Dive into the phenomenal beauty of Cap Corse 

Cap Corse is one of the charming regions of the island, which lies at the northernmost tip of Corsica. The area is packed with a range of valleys, foothills, fruits, and surreal beauty. In addition, there are medieval villages in the landscape, including Pino on a wooded hilltop, Nonza, and Rogliano, featuring a collection of hamlets and ancient fishing ports. 

Beach lovers can head to the Plage de Farinole, which offers enough area for sunbathers. However, the white sandy beach is not ideal for swimming because of the undercurrent. There are rental shops nearby the beach location, and one can rent surfboards and other equipment. Besides this, instruction courses are also available, especially for beginners. 

Another highlight of the beach is the restaurant located on the coast and famous for its cuisine. Photographers will get amazing opportunities to click phenomenal shots in the most picturesque sites of Bastia. The old town, Terra Vecchia, is the best place having narrow lanes and comfy houses. If you want to witness the true beauty of Corsica, you must mark Cap Corse on your travel bucket list. 

Swimming in Corsica’s beautiful beaches or rivers

Calvi and Loto, located in the northern part, and Pinarello and Palombaggia in the southern region. Beautiful white sand beaches are surrounded by large palm trees, turquoise water, and crystal clear sky. These beaches offer great opportunities for swimming in the crystal water to adventure seekers. One of the favorite places to explore just south of Corte is Restonica. 

Whether you are on the island, you are never too far away from a beautiful swimming spot to splash water or dip in the pool and enjoy the experience. Some of the best river spots in Corsica include Asco, The Restonica River, The Tavignano River, The Cavu River, La Purcaraccia, The Forest of Aitone, Chisa, and Barchetta. Make Air France booking and relish the magical experience of swimming in the island’s rivers or beaches. 

Eat traditional cuisine in Corsica

What can be better than having palatable food in front of you? The Corsican cuisines have the best flavors, taste, and variety. Its flavors come from the fragrant herbs and forests of chestnuts, and the traditional Corsican cuisine is very impressive. They offer the best charcuterie, delicious honey, and cheeses. 

Corsicans would eat more meat than fish, and they used to avoid the coastal areas due to unlawful threats from invaders. Their traditional menu will include several hearty meat dishes, fresh and tasty seafood, and other dishes. Some of the best flavors of Corsica include Ethical Veal, Wild Boar, Richly marbled charcuterie, Corsican flavors, Corsican cheese, Seasonal fruits and vegetables, The fruits on the sea, etc. While you are here, you can eat grilled fish, Fiadone, Civet de Sanglier, Veau aux olive, etc. 

Take the tour of Sartene

The Sartene is blessed with iconic beauty and irresistible charm and regarded as the ‘most Corsican city’. Tourists can explore its major attractions, including Eglise Santa-Maria Assunta, Palais des Gouverneurs Génois, and L ‘Echauguette. The Musée de Préhistoire Corse et d’ Archeological de Sartène or the Museum of Corsican Prehistory and Archeology is a famous historical site representing ancient history’s rich heritage and status. 

The Place du Maghju is the main location where one can find amazing boutiques. The church and town hall is a charming pedestrian region featuring arcades, a dramatic staircase, and vaulted passageways. You can also be a part of religious festivals happening throughout the year. Make United airlines en español from the official site and explore the beautiful places in Corsica, France.  

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