Top 6 Tourist Destinations in Tokyo

Top 6 Tourist Destinations in Tokyo

Tourist Destinations

Tokyo is home to sky-scraping buildings and ultra-modern architecture, one of Japan’s busiest and most incredible cities. Many historic temples, including Meiji Shinto Shrine, are famous for their eminent and elevated gates, which are worth exploring. Moreover, it features the largest islands, museums, annual festivals, historic temples, sports clubs, and top-rated attractions. Tourists can find the most expensive cities to live in and travel to Japan with Japan tour packages  representing its historical and cultural heritage. In short, there is great exposure for travelers coming from different parts of the world.

The Imperial Palace sits in the middle of the large public gardens. The most popular museums, from classical art to a kabuki theater, lie in the neighboring area. Sports lovers must visit the city’s large sports clubs to participate in football, baseball, and sumo wrestling. Besides outdoor adventures, Tokyo is rich in music and theater, featuring orchestras, rock concerts, and modern dramas. 

Plan a sightseeing trip to the top tourist destinations in Tokyo and make the best memories with your companions. 

The TeamLAB Borderless Museum, Tokyo

The TeamLAB Borderless Museum is the first digital art museum in the world, opened in Odaiba in June 2018. The motive behind its construction results from the collective effort of extraordinary architects, animators, designers, programmers, and mathematicians. Moreover, it exhibits an unusual experience to the visitors and more than 500 computers and 470 projectors in the museum. The site utilizes 10,000 square meters of space to create a unique path. One can buy admission tickets from the official site and witness the treasures of the area. 

Travelers can stroll in the magical light and different sounds and capture the eye-catching scenes of beautiful waterfalls. One of the beautiful things to see is the view of lanterns and raindrops falling from the ceiling. If you wish to explore the megacity under a reasonable budget, make Jetblue booking and explore the popular destinations. 

The Imperial Palace

The Imperial Palace is the prime attraction in Tokyo in the Marunouchi district, featuring alluring parks of the 17th century. The palace sits in the area where the Feudal Lord Dokan established the first fortress in 1457. Meanwhile, tourists can discover Nijubashi Bridge, a notable building featuring the two-meter wall neighboring the grand palace and its gates. One of the gates leads to the East Higashi-Gyoen garden and offers jaw-dropping scenery in abundance. 

In addition, guided sightseeing tours are available, and it also requires pre-registration. It includes the Kikyo-mon Gate, Fujimi-yagura, the East Gardens, and inner Gate, the Seimon-tetsubashi bridge, and the Imperial Household Building. Additionally, tourists can take a tour of the Edo Castle, built-in 1457, which lies in Tokyo’s Chiyoda district. 

Ginza District, Tokyo 

Ginza District is one of the busiest shopping venues in the city, which looks spectacular, like Times Square in NYC. It has been home to the commercial center for centuries and meets where five old roads connect the popular Japanese cities. Moreover, it features unique shops and palatial stores. Tourists can wander around the area and enjoy a sip of tea and coffee or explore the fine restaurants.

On weekends, you will find endless exposure leading to huge traffic, making it the largest pedestrian zone. Moreover, the neon panels will catch your attention from very far and make the view incredibly beautiful at night. In addition, one can discover the popular Kabuki-za Theatre, home to typical kabuki events and Azuma-Odori dance and Bunraku performances.

The National Museum of Nature and Science in Tokyo 

The National Museum of Nature and Science lay in Ueno Park in Tokyo and was established in 1871. As a result, it makes it the oldest museum in the city. Today, the site is completely renovated and designed with modern architecture; it features the reputation of the country’s busiest museums. Moreover, it exhibits a diverse collection of around 250,000 artifacts associated with natural science and history. 

In addition, there is plenty of interactive stuff displayed on space development, transportation, and nuclear energy. It attracts history seekers towards the latest technological and scientific development. Major highlights include the Japan Gallery, featuring several exhibitions of prehistoric animals representing human history, including their outfits and customs. 

Meiji Shrine in Tokyo 

The Meiji Shrine in Tokyo was made in tribute to Emperor Meiji and his wife, Empress Shoken. The construction of the magnificent building was begun in 1915 and was completed in 1926. However, the original building was ruined in WWII and rebuilt in 1958. Since then, it has remained a notable religious attraction in Tokyo, worth taking a sightseeing tour. The beautiful shrine is surrounded by 175 acres of lush green forest, home to around 120,000 trees in Japan. Major highlights include the Inner Precinct, and the museum contains grand treasures and the Outer Precinct.

The Meiji Memorial Art Gallery displays a wide collection of murals leading to the lives of the emperor and empress. Moreover, one can also discover the Yoyogi Gyoen, a charming public garden made with a teahouse, arbor, and iris garden. The central complex of shrine structures is ten minutes walk away from the southern entrance near Yoyogi Station. Tourists can spot the best sunrise and sunset scenery in the ideal hours and capture the same on their camera. The best part is there are no admission charges on entering the shrine in Tokyo. 

Tokyo SkyTree for viewing beautiful scenery 

Tokyo SkyTree or Tokyo Sukaitsuri is a beautiful 634-meter tall observation tower rising out of Sumida district. It is one of the world’s tallest and freestanding towers in the country, opened in 2012 for public visits. The site is incredibly famous as it offers breathtaking scenery from the restaurant and observation decks. In addition, it is constructed as a giant tripod and features several cylindrical observation levels. There is a walkway to a higher viewpoint built with glass floors; one can check it out. Additionally, the tower has a massive shopping complex along with an aquarium lying at the base. 

Speaking of the observation decks, Tembo Deck, featuring two decks of 350 meters in height and has three levels. The top floor has broad windows, offering eye-catching scenery of the city, especially when illuminated with lights. The middle floor has a souvenir shop and the Musashi Sky Restaurant, popular for French-Japanese cuisine and fine dining facilities. The lowest ground has a beautiful cafe and glass panels on the floor to spot the best scenes. You can complete your Jetblue book a flight process via the site or app and grab special discounts on bookings.

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