Types Of Braces and How Much Do Braces Cost?

Types Of Braces and How Much Do Braces Cost?

ypes Of Braces

Braces are the dental devices that are used to correct malocclusion and straighten crooked teeth. The braces are in practice to treat dental issues like underbite, overbite, scissor bite, and many more. 

These braces help to move the teeth to their original position and make them straight. And pressure is applied to the teeth to move to their position. There are so many braces available which help to fix the teeth alignment issues. 

This blog will discuss different types of braces and their treatment cost to correct the teeth spaces. Let’s dive in. 

Different Types of Braces and How Much Do These Braces Cost

There are so many options of braces to choose from the best orthodontist in Roanoke. However, the patients concerned about their looks choose Invisalign braces and ceramic braces, but the one who wants to get rid of overcrowded teeth use different braces. 

But there are four basic types of braces available that you can choose for orthodontic treatment, which are as follows. 

Traditional Metallic Braces 

These are the most common braces offered by Roanoke orthodontics, which effectively deal with teeth alignment. The metal braces are easily available and affordable for those who want to fix the alignment of the teeth, spaces between the teeth, overcrowded teeth, etc. 

The traditional metallic braces use metallic wire and rubbers, which will be fixed over the teeth. The metal braces exert pressure on the teeth, which in turn help to move the teeth to its original position. The individual who has undergone the treatment needs to wear the metal braces for 18 months. However, the duration may depend on the condition of the teeth. 

Patients who are not so concerned about their appearance can go for the metal brackets treatment to improve their teeth alignment and achieve healthier smiles. 

Cost of the Metal Braces: The cost of the metal braces treatment is between $3000- $7000. 

Invisible Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are often called clear braces similar to metal braces and serve for the same teeth alignment purpose. But the ceramic braces are nearly invisible and look similar to the tooth color. This means they completely hide on the teeth and are barely noticeable. 

Moreover, the rubber bands used to create pressure on the teeth are also clear and have a see-through design. These kinds of ceramic braces are ideal for adults and teens. The majority of the patients prefer to have ceramic braces despite metal braces to correct the alignment of the teeth. The period is similar to the metal braces, and it may vary according to the condition of the teeth. 

Cost of the Ceramic Braces: The cost of ceramic braces treatment is between $4000-$8000

Lingual Braces

Lingual Braces may not be so known but act as an alternative for the metal braces. The braces are invisible but similar to the conventional braces that are used for orthodontic treatment. However, the difference here is, the lingual braces, wires, and brackets are placed on the back of the teeth. This is why these are nearly invisible. But the braces use the same kind of method and hardware material that is used on outside braces. 

These kinds of braces are helpful to treat teeth alignment and tooth spaces. However, most of the patients prefer to have these lingual braces to treat the misalignment of the teeth as they hide behind the teeth and don’t look awkward. 

Cost of the Lingual Braces: The cost of lingual braces is between $4000-$6000.

Invisalign Braces 

Invisalign braces are often called clear aligners that are helpful for orthodontic treatment. The braces are easy to remove and minimally invasive. However, this orthodontic treatment is more costly than other treatments. The patient who has undergone the treatment needs to wear aligners for a few weeks. These are made of transparent plastic that are effective in hiding crooked teeth. 

Cost of the Invisalign Braces: The cost of Invisalign braces is between $4000-$9000.

Bottom Line 

Braces are good for the treatment of crooked and misaligned teeth. These are four kinds of braces used to treat teeth spaces and other orthodontic problems. However, the braces prices in Roanoke may vary according to the type of treatment you prefer to treat the dental issues. 

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