What Can Delivery Management Software Companies Offer?

What Can Delivery Management Software Companies Offer?

Delivery Management Software

Delivery management software Combi, a French company, has recently made waves in the delivery industry by introducing the ‘last mile delivery tracking system. It integrates all aspects of the supply chain and application solutions that make businesses successful. Its innovative solutions allow companies to streamline their operations by automating the entire process of last-mile delivery. The solutions are flexible, intuitive, scalable, and easy to use.

Delivery Management Software

Delivery management software is basically a web-based application that automates main logistics activities like dispatching, assignment of tasks, vehicle supervision, route planning, dispatch management, and much more. The ability of this software to monitor the whole distribution fleet in real-time makes it possible to reduce costs per unit by improving customer service, increases profitability, improves delivery times, and improves productivity. It helps companies to improve cash flow, quality of products, and efficiency by simplifying workflows.

Last-mile carrier management helps companies to reduce operational costs by effectively integrating trucking operations with other elements of the supply chain.

Last-mile Delivery – Real-time tracking

This delivery management software combines advanced trucking and driver management systems with GPS/RFID technologies for efficient last-mile delivery tracking. GPS/RFID technology uses low-cost, high-volume radio cards to track locations. The tracking system uses a combination of GPS coordinates and electronic signatures generated by the devices. The system not only permits last-mile delivery tracking but also permits billing for services that were performed, as well as re-order reminders, customer alerts, and many more.

One of the major benefits of using delivery management software to track deliveries is the improved customer experience. In the absence of human workers, the number of errors in completing routes, trips, and delivery dates will drastically decrease. In addition, logistics companies can greatly increase their efficiency by eliminating routes that are too long or taking too many turns. By combining the information from GPS/RFID tags with customer preferences, companies can tailor their delivery procedures to meet the preferences of individual customers.

Reduced Cost and Time

An important benefit of using real-time route optimization and tracking is reducing logistics costs. A major reduction in capital expenditures comes from having better accuracy in delivery dates. By utilizing the exact same formula that the trucking companies use to compute routes, companies can determine the best delivery date for each vehicle and eliminate costly route adjustments. Likewise, the improved accuracy allows for a faster rate of delivery. This allows logistics providers to achieve their annual revenue goals.

Real-time delivery tracking

Real-time delivery tracking and route optimization are also used to improve customer satisfaction. Many consumers are increasingly concerned with the chemicals in their food and the environmental impact of delivery vehicles. Customer satisfaction measures come into play when consumers have easy access to real-time data on their goods and services and can easily track and trace their delivery history. This allows consumers to avoid delays or poor service by being able to trace the delivery of their goods to their desired destination.

Further, real-time routing and optimal delivery times help consumers cut delivery costs. Delivery planners and delivery software programs automatically adjust routes to take the shortest route through available ports, reducing the total travel time of a delivery while reducing gas, oil, and other delivery expenses. This helps consumers avoid increased delivery costs associated with unanticipated delays that occur without advance planning.

Delivery Route Optimizations

The combination of intelligent routing, intelligent delivery management, real-time delivery tracking, and customer satisfaction creates an excellent delivery management system. Deliforce delivers a robust, flexible, scalable delivery management system that meets the most stringent standards of business requirements and is backed by industry leading delivery management software and real-time analytics. The combination of these highly functional elements results in unmatched efficiency and excellent customer service. Deliforce is committed to delivering the very best in customer service and logistics to help our clients meet their business needs and exceed their revenue projections.

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