Why Are Amethyst Stones So popular?

Why Are Amethyst Stones So popular?

Why Are Amethyst Stones So popular?

Wanting to why amethyst stone so popular:

The most alluring purple stone loved by the gem enthusiast is none other than: ‘the amethyst stone.’ The beautiful color of the stone ranges from light violet to deep red-purple color. These beautiful gemstones are not only admired for their beauty but also their amazing healing properties. A stone for amazing jewelry pieces and mystical power, these gemstones need a special reference. This blog deals with the journey of these purple gemstones from formation to their use in jewelry. 

What Is Amethyst Stone?

The purple variety of quartz is amethyst, a popular stone since antiquity for being used as an adornment. The word “amethyst” comes from the Greek word ‘amethystos’ which means ‘not drunk’. The gemstone was once thought to have the power to prevent intoxication and thus named so. Jamuna stone, or amethyst, is the birthstone for February. This stone is known for exhibiting stability, mental clarity, and calmness. As each gemstone is popular for its striking hue, first, let’s explore the formation and cause of the color of this stone. 

Formation of Amethyst Stone 

Unlike any other gemstone, amethyst was formed from the mineral quartz in the Earth’s crust. The hydrothermal veins filled with hot mineral-rich fluids such as silica, iron, and other impurities get fractured. After these fluids cool and solidify, quartz crystals are formed. The trace elements present inside the crystal give it the characteristic purple color. Amethyst is composed of silicon and oxygen. The trace amounts of iron and manganese in the quartz crystal give a beautiful purple color. The origin of amethyst stone includes Tanzania, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Morocco, Mexico, Myanmar, France, the United States, Uruguay and India. 

Significance of Amethyst Stone 

The purple color of the stone represents the purity of the spirit. The gemstone has been popular for its mystical properties. The ancient Greeks believed that you would remain sober if you had amethyst in your mouth after drinking all night. The color of the gemstone is associated with calming properties. As per Christian mythology, these stones were used as a wound healer. As per Ancient Egyptians, these purple gemstones were worn as amulets for protection. This February birthstone was carved into the shape of animals. The carved amethyst representing the animal design was supposed to possess the power of that particular animal. 

Popularity of Amethyst Stone In Feng Shui 

The role of amethyst in feng shui is concerned with wealth and prosperity. The Xun, feng shui bagua area is related to the color purple. If you intend for more financial stability, you can place an amethyst crystal in the Xun area of your home. The Qian area of Bagua is considered as the place of heaven. If you want a strong connection to heaven, place the amethyst crystal on the front side of the door.  

How Do I Buy Amethyst Stones Online? 

The four factors determining amethyst stone’s price are color, clarity, cut, and carat. The deep purple hue accounts for more value of amethyst. For instance, the Siberian amethysts are highly desirable. Jamuna gemstones are usually with few or no inclusions. The gems with inclusions of different colors are not valued. 

Amethyst gemstones with any cut, round, oval, or more give a perfect look. A defined cut highlights the color and carat weight of the stone. At Navratan, India’s best online gem bazaar, amethyst stone price is based on the above factors. 

These beautiful purple gemstones are perfect birthstone jewelry, promise rings, engagement rings, pendants, or bracelets. Amethyst gemstones are stunning in any of these adornments. These gemstones also exhibit excellent astrological and healing properties. 

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