Why Boxboard Boxes Are A Good Idea

Why Boxboard Boxes Are A Good Idea

Boxboard Boxes

Do you want creatively designed boxes for your products? Are you tired of sub-quality boxes breaking every time you pick them up? And are you looking for sturdy & eye-catching custom buckboard boxes that can withstand rough work & maintain their eye-catching style?

Look no further than CUSTOM CARDBOARD PACKAGING’s custom printed Buxboard Boxes. Made from recycled materials with 0% carbon emission during manufacture, these customizable & nature friendly are top of their class. Available in many finishes & unique minimalistic designs, they can be further customized by adding PVC windows.

Why our BuxBoard Boxes?

Statistics have shown that products with better artistic packaging tend to sell more than products in standard packaging. Increasing revenue of the business. As we see that every business giant has its own custom packaging, enforcing its brand identity. Our aesthetically designed boxes can enchant your clients into buying your products, increasing your revenue & enforcing your brand identity. 

Our boxes are designed by an expert & diverse team of artists who think out of the box for each of our clients. We have amazing concepts to earn your trust as a business partner and as many tactics to win over your hearts. 

Here are some very interesting perks of working with CUSTOM CARDBOARD PACKAGING:

Custom Styling

CUSTOM CARDBOARD PACKAGING allows you the feasibility to customize your boxes to meet your needs. We offer

1.Material choice

These boxes can be made by material according to your demand & can be customized to meet your taste. You can have your box made up of cardstock & eco-friendly Kraft paper for light work or you can have your box made up of E-flute corrugated cardboard for durability & rough work


You can know that we are going to extreme limits when you can have your buxboard boxes in multiple finishes. From simple but elegant glossy looks to an aesthetic matte finish. Or to keep the standard of quality high you can have your boxes in scientifically designed UV & Aqueous coating which can extend the life of these boxboard boxes by protecting them from ultraviolet rays from sunlight & keeping them moisture less & dry so you can put these boxes under sunlight or in dense atmosphere.


We also allow our clients to shape their buxboard boxes however they can. They can have their box cut in right to centimeters to fit their product or they can add a window by customizing their box with a PVC sheet showing the contents inside, or specifically modified & elegant designs using die-cutting, scoring & perforation to meet your requirements.

4.Digital Prints

One of the best ways to increase your reach in a business space is by enforcing your brand identity. We at CUSTOM CARDBOARD PACKAGING enable our clients to print whatever they want on their buxboard boxes. The client can have their information, advertisement, or brand printed on their buxboard boxes. They can imprint the name of your company or they can stamp your logo on the box to enforce their brand identity. They can also have their business address & other important information imprinted on the box. 

All of this printing is done by complex scientific methods ensuring long-lasting prints. Special digital inks or laser is used to print anything the client requires on the box. CUSTOM CARDBOARD PACKAGING can provide you with all kinds of box designs at a reasonable rate without any compromise on the quality.

Printing Quality

Printing Quality of a box is what makes a huge difference when it comes to creating a unique brand identity of your brand. We ensure:

1.Die & Plate costs

CUSTOM CARDBOARD PACKAGING policies which are specifically designed to please our clients, state that the client should not be charged for printing die or plates both equally important in printing these boxes. The company wants to provide you the best business experience, hence cutting the die & plate charges off your bill.


Keeping high pollution levels & global welfare in our mind, the company doesn’t compromise on the build quality of these boxes. These boxes are made with high-quality material ranging from 12pt cardstock up to 24pt cardstock or you can choose from E-flute corrugated & Eco-friendly Kraft. Each of the boxes is built using completely recyclable materials & printed using eco-friendly methods, ensuring “ZERO” carbon emission into the environment, playing its role to reduce global warming.

Quality Control

Keeping our client’s ease & feasibility in our mind, as every fine production company, we have very strict quality control at CUSTOM CARDBOARD PACKAGING. Each & every box goes through thorough observation & testing. Even if any defective piece somehow gets to the client, our turnaround policy makes sure that the client gets a quick & free cost response. Our determination towards client’s ease has caused a great surge in our sales & our popularity among the public.

Free Design Support

CUSTOM CARDBOARD PACKAGING allows our clients the accessibility to freely design their boxes directly on our website. After simply entering their information they can upload a reference image. Then they can add dimensions for their customized buxboard box. Select material, finish & design. By enabling the client to customize their buxboard boxes we strengthen their brand image & add a unique charm to the products.

Competitive Pricing

As we at CUSTOM CARDBOARD PACKAGING prefer our clients before ourselves, we’ve made it our priority to provide low-cost solutions to our clients without compromising on the quality of the order. The competitive pricing not only helps us but also brings the market to us. We sell our products at low costs but in large quantities. These large quantities not only compensate for our loss but also provide enormous profit. The way we’ve kept our prices has not only managed to gather an enormous client base but also helped us keep our place on top of the market. And all of this is just because we provide “low cost, high quality” to our clients. 

Free Shipping

Last but not least of our perks, we provide free shipping of your boxboard box packaging right to your doorstep. Any type of box, including our boxboard box packaging, is shipped flat so they don’t get deformed during shipping. These boxes are to be assembled at the client’s place allowing them to use or store these boxes as per their requirement.

Custom Cardboard Packaging – Who Are We

CCP or CUSTOM CARDBOARD PACKAGING is catering to the packaging needs of a wide range of clients across the globe via customized printing and packaging solutions. We at CUSTOM CARDBOARD PACKAGING have mastered the art of developing, producing & printing top-of-the-class packaging solutions. We as a team have aims to win as many hearts as we can & as many clients as we can please. To meet our goal, we’ve made it our life’s aim to execute our job as efficiently as a person can. Our policies & our determination have made our clients our priority rather than profit. We have amazing concepts to earn your trust as a business partner and as many perks & quirks to win over your hearts. 

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