Why You Should Consider a Web-Native Mobile

Why You Should Consider a Web-Native Mobile

Why You Should Consider a Web-Native Mobile

App for Your Business?

In this day and age, every business requires a mobile app, not just to increase sales but also to remain current. We’ll speak about the ways that when it comes to mobile application development for business, native app development is your preferred method.

The development of mobile apps is a significant goal for many businesses. It’s sometimes difficult to decide on the best development method because the lines between different options are becoming fuzzier. 

This article will explore Native Mobile App Development. If you’re still not aware of the importance of mobile applications for your business, we’ll help you,

Why You Should Consider a Web-Native Mobile

What is the reason your company requires a mobile app?

The year 2015 has seen massive growth in the mobile user base. For everything from online shopping and business conferences, nearly 60% of customers prefer mobile phones to desktops for all online activities.

Therefore, it’s evident that the marketplace online has shifted from desktop-centric to mobile-friendly.

Businesses are now focusing more on capturing the attention of mobile users, and having a mobile-friendly app for your App development London company is the most effective way to reach that goal. Here are some benefits of hopping onto the mobile trend and developing a mobile-friendly app.

  • Greater brand visibility
  • Greater brand recognition
  • Internal Marketing channel
  • Direct client communications
  • Increased accessibility

This is a list that could keep going for a long time. The main point we’re trying to make is that mobile apps can provide more attention and income to your business.

When you have decided that you’ll need a mobile app for your app development UK company, it comes down to the type of mobile app design process you’d like to use.

Hybrid and Native Apps Development:

The development of hybrid mobile apps involves multiple apps for various operating platforms.

In developing hybrid apps App, App Developers UK uses the cross-platform development procedure with the aid of JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS.

Developing native mobile apps requires creating apps specifically designed for mobile operating systems, such as Android or iOS. 

However, for Native iOS application development, you will need to use the language of programming Objective-C and Swift.

Both native and hybrid apps have their pros as well as drawbacks. We’ll concentrate on the advantages of developing native apps.

What is Native Mobile App Development?

Native applications are developed specifically for the platform. In the case of Android native apps, they are created using the help of Kotlin and Java. Native iOS apps are created with the help of Swift and Objective-C.

These apps can be completely customized to take full advantage of the platform and give users an exceptional experience.

The two companies, Google and Apple, offer UK app developers efficient interface elements/ design tools. Most businesses will invest in developing native apps due to the many advantages offered compared to other applications like Web and Hybrid.

Mobile apps are essential for businesses, and businesses, need to know both the advantages and disadvantages before choosing a platform for app development.

6 reasons why you should consider native app development:

If you’re beholding to give the most pleasant user experience about the mobile app appearance, then your choice should be native apps.

This is because the App is designed to follow the guidelines for specific platforms, such as Android and iOS. In addition, there are reasons that native apps are the best, which might be more convincing for you.

  • Ultimate Performance
  • Better Security
  • Scalability
  • Easy Integration of Hardware
  • Stability
  • Improved UX/UI

1. Ultimate Performance:

Native apps are more efficient and smoother than non-native apps. Since they are designed for a specific operating system, these applications benefit from the processing power of the gadget.

Because native applications were written with programming languages fully supported by their respective platforms’ ecosystems, they’re also designed to be optimized for different sizes of screens and systems.

2. Better Security:

Compared to hybrid apps, native mobile apps better protect the privacy of users’ data. Native apps are secured by several layers of the operating system, making them difficult to break.

Since they are released over extended periods, and frequently, you can anticipate safer and more thoroughly tested applications.

3. Scalability:

Native app development facilitates faster installation since they are compatible with specific platforms. This allows apps developers UK to make their application compatible with a different version of your platform. Furthermore, you can use any new features once the platform is upgraded.

4. Simple Integration with Hardware:

Native apps are designed to work on specific platforms to benefit from the operating system’s capabilities fully. These applications can seamlessly use all the hardware features of mobile devices, including GPS cameras, microphones, and more.

5. Stability:

Fully supported by tech giants such as Google or Apple (For Android and iOS), Native app developers can access the most up-to-date software development tools to develop and maintain the quality of their apps. In turn, native apps are much more secure and stable regarding support, development, and maintenance.

6. Improved UX/UI:

Native apps, including the GPS camera, microphone, and more, can directly connect to the device’s hardware. So, they’re swift and easy to use. Additionally, the user experience is identical to every native App, which means users will be able to understand how to move around the App intuitively.

In the end, the UI/UX performance of native apps is far superior to apps that are not native.

Why You Should Consider a Web-Native Mobile


We’ve established that developing native apps is better than developing hybrid apps. Even though developing native apps is more expensive than creating non-native applications, we’ll still recommend you go with native app development since it gives you the best possibilities for customization, ease of use, and optimization.

The advantages native applications will offer your business will surely outweigh your investment.

To fully capitalize on the benefits of developing native apps, you’ll need to engage an experienced mobile app development company. This is where we can help.

We at O2SOFT offer top-quality mobile app development solutions in the UK. Our 13+ years of experience make us among the UK’s most trustworthy mobile app development companies.

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