10 Reasons To Visit Australia

10 Reasons To Visit Australia


Australia is one of the world’s remote and, ironically, amongst the backpackers and budget travelers, one of the most popular locations.

Not many Americans prefer to visit Australia because of its distance from the United States. The flights are long and costly and it doesn’t make sense to many travelers to fly for only a few weeks.

However, here are some reasons why you should save your holiday time and courageously take a long time in the Pacific:

1. The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the world’s most prominent reef systems because of its wealth of marine life and world-class diving. I saw turtles, sharks, dynamic reef, and lovely fish when I was there (even a fish pooping, which was as weird as it sounds). That was everything it had been broken.

You can go to this reef for one or a few days. While everyone leaves Cairns, you can get to less crowded dive spots from Port Douglas.

2. Sydney

Sydney also boasts an impressive bridge, superb parks, outstanding fare, plenty to eat, and great surfing, famous for its famous opera house and harbor.

If you are at Manly Beach, Sydney is a place for a rest in the sun and enjoy the sea, or hang with everyone else in Bondi. Darling Harbour, with its many good restaurants and fantastic training venues, is a calming Chinese Garden. There’s nothing like King’s Cross for a night out in the city with colorful local people.

3. Uluru

You wouldn’t think an eight-kilometer giant round rock would be awesome, but it’s. It appears like a wave of sand climbing across the Desert as the winds blown across the rock. In sunrise and sunset, iron on the rock creates fantastic shades of red and orange.

4. Barbecue

The Australians do a lot, and a barbecue is one of the best. The Aussie barbecue is a grave tradition of at least three barbecue booths in the majority of parks and public areas. Really, without a barbecue, I don’t know what Australia will be like. Nothing is better than a cool warm night, some decent beers, and a barbequed kangaroo to make this spot you love. Grilling is also a great choice for the budget!

5. The Wine

The wine area of Australia is fantastic, like Margaret River near Perth, the Barossa Valley near Adelaide, and the Hunter Valley close to Sydney. In Australia, you will try a lot of good wine, particularly shiraz and pinot noir. Day trips to some of the wine regions in nearby big towns and to the wine shop can be made and drank in the park… while enjoying a barbecue.

6. Western Australia

This is Australia’s favorite section. It is really lovely, with its big open-air areas and beaches of white sand, which stretch out for kilometers without any sighting soul. I’m glad so many people don’t visit Western Australia, else it would end up like an overcrowded, overcropped East Coast.

Karijini National Park is a perfect embarrassment for Litchfield and Kakadu and much better than the Great Barrier Reef and Coral Bay and the Reef of Ningaloo. I love this here. I love it here.

7. Perth

Sydney and Melbourne are paying all their attention, but Perth will keep up with these two heavyweights. There are fantastic beaches, one of the biggest city parks in the world, surfing and the surrounding Fremantle, which are the best beer in Australia (Little Creatures).

8. Lush Jungles

I will settle down one day, and it will be in a lush, tropical location when I do it. Perhaps that place is Queensland. Here you will find one of the world’s oldest continuous rainforests (dating back to the dinosaur age!). There are great spots for cycling, plenty of animals and birds, and some fun streams and swimming holes to cool off in. There are plenty of places to take in. If you just want to get out of it, go north towards Cape Tribulation, where you, the jungle, and some ocean are all here.

9. Surfing

Australia might not invented surfing, but since it’s intrinsic in Australian culture it may well have invented surfing. The best surfing is on the East Coast, where you can catch a decent wave at one million places. You can go to Sydney and places like Bondi Beach, but in Queensland, I find the best surfing. I agree that Noosa is one of the best surfing areas, for both pros and beginners have waves.

10. Beautiful Beaches

This country cannot live without its magnificent beaches with more than 50,000 kilometers of coastline. The beaches on the East Coast are much busier on Australia’s west coast than the desert beaches. But you will always find a place to enjoy yourself with so much to choose from.

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