15 Amazing Designers To Follow On Instagram

15 Amazing Designers To Follow On Instagram

Amazing Designers To Follow

Being creative is the ability to produce different ways of doing things / seeing things / feeling things / feeling things. Who does not like creative artistic work? Creativity has a close connection with inspiration. Researchers state that creative people always look for inspiration. Talking about inspiration, Instagram designers are a great way to see new work, be inspired, and get motivation. 

Nowadays it is considering the third greatest popular social media platform in the world with over one billion users. In this article, we gathered 15 amazing designers from Instagram to get creative inspiration delivered directly to your feed. 

1. Tania Samoshkina (telinunu)

She is a New York-based professional artist and illustrator with over six years of experience. Tania Samoshina is also known by the name of telinunu. She designs one-of-a-kind designs for clients showcasing her lively beauty and sense of pleasure. You can follow her by @ tania_samoshkina_art on Instagram. Tania proficient in character design, print design,  Tania specializes in character design, print design, surface patterns, and logotypes – all of which you can find in her feed as well as fun cartoons that blend her cartoon characters into real-world settings, and surface patterns – all of which you can see in her feed as well as fun cartoons that blend her characters into real-world situations. It’s fun to watch that feed, go and you see it yourself. 

2. Elenor kopka

He is a German illustrator, graphic designer and animator, and co-founder of the game studio Ghostbutter. She said, I have studied graphic design and illustration, but I’m passionate about moving images during my studies and so I wished to become an animator. I love things with an attractive, funny but slightly horrible and with a sprinkle of weirdness. She used a lot of print graphics like lithography and woodcraft before she started animating, which gave her a love for black and white. In her creation is mostly digitally, you can see a bit of analogue. 

3. Ashwin Kandan (Shawin)

If you’re looking for an exclusive, colorful blend of pop art, branding, illustration, typography, and editorial design, Ashwin Kandan (akaShavani) is the name to follow. You can follow him by @ shwinnnnn on Instagram.  Stirring bold visuals and fascinating color palettes are you can see in his creation and its sentiment. Ashwin’s illustrations range from funny and sexy to melodious. He has found a mode to give a brand concept with a single scene, which is very hard. 

4. Jon Contino

He is a self-dubbed as an ‘alphasthetetologist’, a term he makes up to explain his varied work as an artist, illustrator, apparel designer, and branding consultant. You cannot control yourself to fall in love with the design of the T-shirt. You can follow him by @joncontino on Instagram. In brief, John Contino does it all and he does it sound. Check Instagram for continued creative inspiration in all creative fields like illustrator, tshirt designs, promoting brands, and more. With a feed full of dynamic designs, this is an Instagram to keep your eye on. 

5. Neil stevens

If you are interested in vintage, nostalgic paintings with a little touch of modern feel then that is a terrific following. In his mostly flat illustrations, you can see the depth, life, and pace together. You will see a lot of work from very keen to abstract in design. You can follow @neil_a_ stevens. His work has an enduring quality, and his multimedia approach makes for a stimulating Instagram design feed for you. In his feed, you’ll also find some more creative tips to follow in the designing process.

6. Mike kus-

He is a successful graphic designer with more than 800,000 followers on Instagram, who also has great web development and photography skills. Growing up in the United Kingdom, Kus sent sneaker designs to Adidas. Nevertheless, when he joined Body Shop’s visual merchandising team, his graphic designing career started popping. From there, his interest in polishing his skills in the digital world bred. This is time, he started learning cascading style sheets and HTML for web and app design. You can follow him by @mikekus. 

7. Natalia Maca

She is a UK-based digital illustrator and graphic designer. She is a storytelling artist and delivers moral messages in her work. Natalia specializes in editorial illustration, publishing, advertising, and T-shirt design. You can follow her by @ natalia. maca. You will see an analogous kind of colour palette for most of her work, so her IG profile looks very steady and attractive. Many of her paintings are flat and often of very subtle texture. Natalia allows the detail in her work to tell the tile with examples that have their own exclusive, realistic style. Natalia’s work, as shown on her Instagram, is creative, unique, and engaging.

8. Zombijana Bones

She is a visual artist from Montenegro, full of rich colour and quirky humour. She is a traditional pen and ink illustrator with a bizarre, unconventional style, making cute and surprisingly laughable fun at the same time. Her handwritten notes add a real touch, and the overall outcome of her comics is the flawless balance of sweet and dark. You can follow her by @ zombijana on Instagram. You can find beauty, cartoon characters, and wired humour in her feed. 

9. Thomas Burden

He is the perfect IG to follow, if you are encircled by the idea of claymation, meets graphic design in vibrant colours and 3D glitter. You find him on IG by @thomasburden. His work is full of fun, fun, and attractive illustrations influenced by toys, fairgrounds, and neon signage. His creations have a very colourful, joyful, and dimensional feel. Thom burden is a UK-based designer. His vivid designs will boost the energy in your feed. 

10. Hasmukh Kerai

He is a motion designer and 3D artist from East London. Before designing his career, Hasmukh Kerai started his career in film and VFX.  He says his motivation comes from everything and anyplace, but the most significant thing is colour.  His designs are most deep and simple, but injecting colour into his work makes it a lot more amusing and pleasant.  He always pushes her out of bounds in his 3D work so that you can see it and think, it can be real. Follow this account for sure-fire injections of colour into your feed. You can follow him by @ hashmukh on IG. 

11. Dhamas Adhitya (Demonic™)

The artist from Indonesia- Dhamas Aditya (aka Demonic ™) creates spectacular brand recognition, images, product labels, T-shirt designs, and unique logos. His works are very intricate and usually have an antique, yet epic feel. Although his paintings are digital, he attains a classical ink style with his designs. Follow him on Instagram by @ dhamas_. For a boost of inspiration on how colours and patterns can work together inclusive, see this feed.

12. Rylsee

She is specializing in hand-drawn typography with an exclusive style. Clients say that working with her gives an experimental approach and unique dimension in the designs. Rylsee’s work, as depicted on his Instagram, is innovative, unique, and fetching. Rylsee ‘s Instagram feed is an endless supply of motivational design work. Creations like this involve drawing by hand, an artifact that needs a lot of patience and effort but makes fantastically noteworthy outcomes. You can follow her by @rylsee on IG. 

13. Marko Matović (LittleFox)-

He is a Serbian graphic designer- Marko Matovic likes to work on the gears linked with the picture – from modest icons to complex infographics.  Marko has a lively style that is bright and colourful with lots of devotion to detail. His pleasing and detailed illustrations and infographics use the collaboration between flat design and thrilling colours. You can follow him @ littlefox. Design on IG. For the pen and ink depiction of unique, colourful characters, follow Marko.

14. David Milan

Typologic – David Milan has a special talent for leaping words from a group of letters to a page. With his meticulous construction of hand-type and minimalistic illustration factors, Milan manages to impose its own exclusive spin on hand-drawn typography, which is sure to inspire you to break the cuttings yourself.  You can follow him on @mdemilan on Instagram. This Instagram page is a gem for all kinds of creative inspiration.

15. Helen Li

She makes wild, funky, and humorous illustrations with fascinating details. Bold colours and real figures and terminologies are the mainstays of the scenes. You can follow her by @helen.of.koi on IG.  If you follow this artist you will see something completely different. For a hit of colour when the level of creativity is boosting, try Helen Li. You will always find something new in his feed. Her Instagram is an exploration of the wonderful kind, in which the colour matches beautifully.

Summing up

 We hope you’ve got your Instagram timeline to fill it with some really amazing design works. Follow these inspiring Instagram designers and illustrators for more inspiration and creativity. There are creatives from all over the world. 

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