5 Steps To Creating A Successful Brand Strategy Consulting Services

5 Steps To Creating A Successful Brand Strategy Consulting Services

Successful Brand Strategy Consulting Services
Brand Strategy Consulting Services

Nike, Apple, Levi Strauss… You are probably familiar with these names, and not by hearsay. These legendary companies managed to conquer Olympus and achieve a mythical status, in which their names became synonymous with their products. This achievement is not so much the merit of proper marketing, as a separate direction called brand strategy consulting services.

In short, the word “brand” means a name, sign or symbol that identifies the seller’s products and services. Branding is the process of establishing and developing a brand, aimed at creating a holistic and popular image of a product or service. This is a very serious matter: a good branding can cause a resounding success, and a bad one can easily destroy everything. The presence of a brand means that a business has distinctive features with which it can gain the trust of the audience and establish a long-term relationship with the client.

If you dream of creating your own brand or just want to learn how to do it, this article is for you. The list of mandatory steps to create a brand will come in handy when you seriously take up this difficult but interesting task.

Come up with a brand image

Before entering the market and predicting profit, you need to decide what kind of product you are selling and to whom. The brand image is the basis of all your subsequent actions, so think about it as carefully as possible.

  • First, answer the following questions:
  • What are the five main characteristics of your business that you can name?
  • What problem is your business trying to solve?
  • Which audience will be interested in your offer?
  • What is your difference from your competitors?

Decide on the “voice” of the brand

While working on the image, try to imagine at the same time how your brand will “sound”. By the word “sound” we mean how you want to present your business to customers. What message should they catch? How to make this message sound loud and clear?

Let’s say, when formulating five characteristics of your business, you decided that it is entertaining, affordable, reliable, for the whole family and stable. Great! Now think about which images, words and colors will best convey these characteristics to the audience.

Write a consistent marketing plan

The goals of all companies are more or less the same, but the ways to achieve them can vary greatly depending on the positioning. If you offer high-quality services or products, then keep the bar and do not get carried away with discounts and promotions; and if your target audience is computer game lovers, then influence them through popular communication channels in their hangout.

Formulate the requirements for the design and content

Now that your brand has an image and a “voice”, and you have a ready — made marketing plan, you can move on to creating a visual style and texts. Start by developing a name and slogan. Together, they should reflect the very essence of your brand and serve as the foundation for promotional campaigns, advertising, website texts and even live communication with the audience. The next step is design. One of the main differences between big business and “business on the knee” is the use of a single visual style. You need to make sure that people recognize your brand already by one design. You’re not confusing Coca-Cola with Starbucks, are you? This is what we should strive for.

Make a good website

Successful branding, especially for a new business, is very much tied to the presence on the Internet, because the network is an incredibly effective tool for reaching the target audience, and the site, unlike traditional media channels, can afford even the most poor company.

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