7 Things That Attract Women in Men

7 Things That Attract Women in Men

Things That Attract Women in Men

Are you too short, too fat, ugly, or of any physical appearance that could discourage women from being interested at first sight? If you are answering yes to any or all of my questions, believe me, you do not have a problem.

Things that attract women in men are beyond your physical appearance. The major things that attract women to men will be discussed further in this writing. Your physical appearance is just an additional value. Ladies themselves know that there is no point in being in a relationship all for the sake of the physical appearance of a man.

Nowadays, only younger girls who are premature in relationships get attracted to men because of their physique. But I must tell you that, most of them are now getting sensible this day looking for guys with good qualities. Every woman would prefer a guy who has the qualities they want from their dream man.

Here are some things that attract women in men;

Care is the Most Important thing

Care for her Love and care is what every lady would first tell you she wants in her relationship. Of course, it’s what every guy should know. By caring is by knowing every bit of what’s happening to her. Ask about her wellbeing, how her day was everything about her is all you should try to know. If she feels you are too concern, just tell her it’s your responsibility as a friend.


Respect her Everyone deserves to be respected mostly, women. They are created with pride and deserve to be more respected. When you respect a woman, it makes her feel more important and believe she’s in the hands of the right man. This would make her like and cherish you. Believe me, she will always welcome you with a smiling face all for the sake of you valuing her. I would rate this 4/5 of things that attract women in men.

Be Cool

Be calm, and composed This attribute brings respect to a man. It enables you to look unique, outstanding, classic, and more. Every girl would like you because of the respect you would acquire from people. Women like their men being respected in the public. This attributes deserves a 4 star out of 5 when looking at things that attract women in men.


Attitude Do you know that your attitudes towards her attitudes matter a lot. Nobody is perfect so expect her to have her own moments. She would annoy you at times, never get frustrated because it’s one of their qualities. When she gets back to her normal mood she would discover her faults and will apologize. After her apology and everything starts running smoothly, at her time of meditation, she would think over this attitude of yours and credit you for the maturity role you took while she was acting wrongly. She would even smile to herself and doing this, you are already attracted to her. So things that attract women in men are quite simple.

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Understanding is a key to success. Understand her feelings and welcome her wrongdoings. Try correcting her in a polite and respectful manner. Like I said earlier, they love being respected Make her lively They love men making them laugh. Whenever you are with her, make her laugh, make her smile, let her be happy so whenever she sets her eyes on you, she rests assured that happiness is around and in you, she will always find happiness always. Be yourself Do not pretend in whatever you are doing.

Pretending to her would do you no favor than telling her what you are not. Just try to be your real self. Be plain to her. This will let her get used to her real self and will enable her to love you just the way you are.

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