Best Career Options For Students in Digital Marketing

Best Career Options For Students in Digital Marketing

Students in Digital Marketing

Due to the versatile nature of digital marketing, people are excited and fascinated with the field. Digital marketers are in rising demand in the market since it is becoming the backbone of every company’s revenue generation.As per the report in 2018, the usage of social media in the fast food sector and accommodation in the UK was 85.9%. In this era, businesses or companies cannot survive without having good digital marketers.

It is not surprising to see the increasing urge for choosing a marketing career among students. If you share an interest in digital marketing, you most likely are acquired withskills you can hone in. While browsing through the internet, you will come across several funny memes, blogs, viral videos, sometimes irritating ads, interesting mobile apps, etc. Do you wish to create something like these? If yes, then congrats, you have made your career choice in the digital marketing field. Now that you have decided to pursue your career in digital marketing, you must be wondering about all the career options you have.

Below, we will share the scope and opportunities you have in this field.

PPC marketing manager

The job role of PPC managers is analyzing the data set and using its information to your advantage. If you are someone who loves stats and excited about data, this will be a perfect job option for you. Your job role will require you to oversee pay-per-click campaigns. As a PPC marketing manager, your role will be to run client campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Goggle ads.

Here are specific tasks that you will have to handle:

  • Running A/B testing
  • Increasing traffic and reducing ad spend through optimization
  • Keyword selection
  • Audience targeting
  • Data analysis
  • Writing copy

What Qualification You need for PPC Marketing Manger?

You will require a bachelor degree in Digital media, marketing or in a related field.  Additionally, you will also need certification in Google Ads. It will play as an asset to your job carer.

  • Influencer

If you use Instagram, you must have come across several influencers. They hold the power of affecting purchasing decisions among customers. Influencers have the ability to attract viewers consistently and motivating them to buy the product or services. They play a key role in expanding the social search. You can check out the top influencers in the UK to get inspired.

If you share a niche in great influencers and have 10,000 social media followers, you should consider this job role.

As an influencer, your responsibilities include:

  • Promoting products or services and brands
  • Using hashtags to ensure your post comes to the most relevant places
  • Engaging a larger mass of people with your social media

What Qualifications You Need to Becomean Influencer?

You must have a sound knowledge of all the social media platforms. Along with that, you should also have engaged and active followers.

  • UX designer

Your role as a UX designer will control what users likely see in the website or apps. This includes the way it looks and the emotional reaction you trigger among the audience. Throughout the process, you will also have to ask the users to give you feedback.

This field is applicable to those who are former app designers, video game developers, code writers.  One needs to have proper tech skills to survive in this field. This is considered to be one of the twelve best jobs for the future.

Some of the core duties include

  • Developing user interface elements
  • Build storyboards for pitching ideas
  • Designing visually appealing and functional software
  • Testing for bugs

What are the Qualifications Needed to Excel as UX Designer?

If you choose this career field, you should have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field.

  • Social Media Manager

Social media manager is also a great option for building a career in the digital marketing field. They act as a guiding light in a business when it comes down to measuring business performance on social media platforms. For a marketing assignment help provider website, you will require to create engaging contents to get more marketing students attracted to the services. Besides monitoring, moderating, and responding to online comments, they help make marketing campaigns, brand promotions, etc. This is a well-suited job role for someone who loves social media and knows how to use analytics.

As a social manager, your duties will include:

  • Promoting the company’s image and brand
  • Analyzing and measuring follower engagements
  • Interacting with users and answering their questions
  • Posting updates
  • Using strategies for getting more followers on social media accounts
  • Developing relevant content topics to reach out to the target audience

What qualification you Need to Become Social Media Manager?

You should have a solid understanding of social media platforms. You must know analytic and know how you can use the post to generate leads that convert to sales. Having experience in SEO will be an asset.

  • Marketing and automation specialist

This field combines the interest in advertising, data and technology. If you want to choose this field, you will have to create successful ad campaigns. Launch them, check the data, optimize, adjust and repeat all over again.

You will have to take care of all tech-related works like app development, website design.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Increase conversions
  • Create landing pages
  • Use analytics to optimize targeting
  • Automate customer communication
  • Set up marketing campaigns and email automation

What Qualification You need for this Job Role?

Most employers will expect you to have a bachelor’s degree in Marketing or Business. However, some may require you to have a master’s degree in a related field.  You should have work experience in the industry, and that will be a great asset for your career.

  • Content Marketing Manager

Content marketing focuses on creating and distributing valuable, consistent and relevant content for attracting targeted audiences to drive profits. As per DemandMetric, compared to traditional marketing, marketing costs 62% less and generates 3 times more leads. So you can say that content marketing is growing large, and it will continue to bloom further.

Here is a list of duties for content managers:

  • Managing blogs, sales pages, guest blogging
  • Video marketing
  • Email communication
  • Building marketing campaigns
  • Deal with a little PR also

What Qualification You Need to Become a Successful Content Marketing Manager?

There are no specific qualification requirements for this job field. It is suggestive that you have digital marketing certifications and MBA, which will showcase your digital marketing expertise.

  • Copywriter

Copywriting is another effective form of marketing that is gaining popularity among industries. It ties to the act of promoting or selling a business, brand, product, organization. As a copywriter, you will have to work with many people in the digital marketing team. Their work focuses on helping the content team with refining the content for better clarity and reception.

Here are the duties of a copywriter:

  • Assisting search engine marketer for building better ad copy
  • Helping social media managers with using better words on social media channels
  • Conducting thorough research and interviews
  • Deal with hardcore report writing
  • Working alongside creative professionals for building better marketing campaigns and projects

What Qualification You Need to Become a Copywriter?

You will need to have a strong command over English language. You must know how to write persuasive articles to fuelsales funnel.

Wrapping up,

There are vast career options in the Digital Marketing field. There are endless possibilities for you if you choose your career in digital marketing.  Needless to say, digital marketing is a growing industry where a little experience can go a long way.  Upgrade your qualifications and skills on the basis of the career you are choosing for yourself in the digital marketing industry.

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