Top 5 Reasons to have an Influencer Marketing Agency of Record

Top 5 Reasons to have an Influencer Marketing Agency of Record

Influencer Marketing Agency

Marketing is the mainstay of any business. It decides the overall success of the company. You would always want to have effective marketing done to boost sales and increase brand awareness.

Without efficient marketing, your product’s benefits and USP’s do not reach the masses and without this knowledge, consumers do not find any reason to purchase the said product or service.

This is where digital social media influencer marketing has paramount importance. About 70% of people’s buying decisions are based on recommendations from influencers.

More than 50% of the world’s population are social media users and on average spend more than an hour out of the 24 in a day on these platforms. Influencers are power users on these channels with a high number of followers who look up to the influencers as fellow consumers and value their recommendations over everything else.

The influencers thereby, enjoy authenticity and trust bestowed on them by their followers making you interested in using their services and thus comes an influencer marketing agency into the fray.

What is an Influencer Marketing Agency?

You would want to use influencer marketing to spiral up your business reach and customer base in an effort to utilize the popularity enjoyed by the influencers to aid your business growth.

However, influencer marketing is an industry in itself and needs specialized expertise in proper execution and success. This is where you need assistance from an influencer marketing agency.

An influencer marketing agency has the expertise and skill to assist you to plan, strategize, conduct, assess and improvise a campaign. They work efficiently with their streamlined processes and PR with the brands and influencers.

An agency with an understanding of your business goals and ideals will be able to assist your brand in effectively running the campaign.

An influencer marketing agency is an organization that has the knowledge, skills, resources and manpower to conduct a digital social media influencer marketing campaign efficiently giving you the best possible results as an outcome.

Now, you might be thinking about why you need an influencer marketing agency to do your bidding. You could also do it by yourself and run the campaign. There are many reasons to hire an influencer marketing agency overdoing it by yourself. Some areas below,

  • It saves time and money.
  • An agency has the experience to run a campaign.
  • Complete the campaign within the allotted budget.
  • Get the best-suited influencers possible for your brand.
  • Assess appropriately and improvise accordingly.

However, it majorly rests on the fact that you hire the right agency. With the multitude of digital marketing agencies, it might be difficult to decide which one to collaborate with and hire to run your campaign. The ones with the creatively proven and diverse type of success stories are the most effective ones. Here are five reasons to hire an influencer marketing agency with a good track record.

Brand continuity will lead to revenue growth with cost-effectiveness.

  1. This begins with the goal of saving time and money. A collaboration with an influencer marketing agency allows businesses to be more efficient by eliminating the time needed to research, identify, source, manage the influencers and conduct the campaign. The correct influencer can make or break your campaign.

    The proper agency will be able to source the right influencer for your sponsored content. About 75% of marketers consider finding the right influencers to be the biggest challenge. Influencer marketing agencies have the required knowledge and infrastructure set up appropriately. This offers a far more effective way to manage influencer relationships. 
  2. You could have a PR agency reach out to an influencer and then your businesses in-house marketing team co-coordinate the efforts however a more structured approach will be an influencer agency would not focus on individual campaigns and streamline the communication efficiently and assign individuals to pass on the required messages and act as per the requirement to faster results.
  3. When done correctly influencer marketing can help your business grow and build customer loyalty. Swaying public opinion, driving web traffic and increasing sales, influencer marketing like any other form of marketing is a business development function.
  4. An agency with the proper track record adds considerably to the other forms of ongoing marketing and public relations campaigns. They work with the devised strategy and incorporate the influencers from the beginning of the campaign instead of randomly inserting them at will.

Expertise in the Field

  1. An influencer marketing agency with a track record is an expert in its field. They live and breathe with influencer marketing as their sole objective. There can be no substitute for that kind of experience and knowledge in the dynamic world of digital social media. Some agencies have a huge network of influencers. However, it’s important to know whether it has an understanding of every influencer’s preferences, specialities, interests and strengths. The correct agency will be able to use its relationships for reduced rates and faster turnarounds.
  2. Markets are dynamic in nature and new trends or algorithms need expert forecasting, assessment and improvisation. An experienced influencer marketing agency will be able to pivot your campaigns quickly without your brand losing time, money or both.

Fresh Strategy and Creative Approach

  1. Agencies have a skilled and dedicated team of social and content experts and campaign leaders who will be able to deliver out of the box freshly woven ideas specific to your products and your target audience. These ideas can build day after day, 365 days in a year and so on.
  2. While with an agency you will have exposure to working with a diverse group of people who know how to handle influencers and understand how to create successful ideas.

 Immediate and Prompt Service

  1. An agency has access to lots of resources that are not present with in-house marketing teams or other business establishments. Contacts with influencers, agents, access to assessment and analytics tools are just some of the most important ones when we say resources.
  2. Prompt and clear communication has a big role to play in any business deal. The agency will manage all communication between the brand and the influencer. They will manage negotiations, product shipping, giveaways, adherence, disclosure compliance, hashtag usage etc. When you have a proper agency sourced they will manage all these details and minute management and implementation bits and pieces giving you relief and prompt service.

High-Quality Content that Integrates with your Current Marketing Efforts

  1. The correct agency will collaborate and be in the thick of things when it comes to the creation of the content. They will pitch in with their efforts and work with the influencer leaving the influencer to use their own creative control on the content while pitching in with their unique ideas.
  2. The agencies will know the type of content provided by the influencer and deal accordingly.
  3. They will keep provisions in the contract for repurposing the content is specified by the client side-You.

These are some of the reasons that highlight the need to have an influencer marketing agency with a correct track record for your campaign. Use them to select one that suits your business and campaign type.

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