Digits Should You Bet On in Super Bowl Squares?

Digits Should You Bet On in Super Bowl Squares?

Once every year, a major football event called the Super Bowl is held to watch two pro teams battle it out in the field for the championship. It is a grand event that never disappoints. The best thing about the Super Bowl championship event is that there is more than one way to enjoy the football game. Big brands take time to reach out to potential customers by advertising their products.

Millions of dollars are used to organize the iconic Super Bowl event. Bookers at this time make a kill since many people participate in betting. One of these football betting activities is called the Super Bowl squares template. However, not everyone who loves football has a clear understanding of how Super Bowl squares work. If you are among them, this article will explain everything you need to know about this fun football activity. 

How to Play the Super Bowl Squares 

One thing you must know about Super Bowl squares is that more people can take part in them. Getting into the action requires you to learn how the football squares template is played. Once you are knowledgeable about it, you can develop a working Super Bowl strategy to help you win the price. Since many people are participating, the betting amount can be as low as $1. This also means that the payout won’t be that bad either. The game is based on randomly selected squares and numbers. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t come up with any effective Super Bowl squares strategy. 

Like I mentioned earlier, many people can participate in this game. The game organizer is needed to ensure that everything is in order and the game rules are followed. The Super Bowl squares game will start when the organizer creates a ten by ten betting grid. This means that there will be two axis – the rows column. Since there are two groups of fans participating in this game, the game organizer will assign rows to one of the groups and columns to the other. Once rows and columns have been given to the two groups, players have to pick squares. There will be a random picking of numbers in the columns and the rows. These numbers range from 0 to 9.

Super Bowl Squares

Selection of Super Bowl Digits 

At the end of every quarter, winners will be picked. There are four in a football game therefore, there will be four different winners by the game ends. Winners are selected if the last digit of the score matches with the player’s digit at the end of each quarter. This means that you need to have some Super Bowl squares strategy, which will push your luck up and allow you to get their price. Typically, the first, second, and winners will each receive 20% of the total payout. The remaining 40% will be given to the fourth winner of the Super Bowl squares template. Although there is no telling which particular digit will occur on the scoreboard, you can still pick digits that are likely to occur. 

The Lucky Digits 

The randomness that goes into picking this digit is great. However, there are specific numbers that are likely to show up on the scoreboard. Picking these numbers will get close to getting the Winning amount. These numbers include four, seven, one, and zero. When choosing numbers, any of your digits fall within these digits. These selections have higher chances of landing you a win – 0 or 7. 17-10, 0-0, 7-0, 7-7, 10-7, 10-10, 17-17, etc. Many people have used this Super Bowl squares strategy and have become winners. If you don’t get these digits, you should not lose hope because there are also other digits that can secure your win in the football squares template game. 

The Good Digits 

Missing on all the lucky digits should not deter you from landing on the other good number that may lead you to a win. The different good digits that you can include in your Super Bowl squares strategy include sixes, fours, and ones. Although the chances of a number six on the scoreboard earlier in the game are pretty slim, choosing this digit may land you a win. You can go for a 06 or 16, and you may be lucky enough to land a win. 

The Bad Digits 

When coming up with a Super Bowl squares strategy, you need to be cautious not to pick some jinxed digits with the lowest chances of securing a win. For some weird reason, such digits hardly appear on the scoreboard of many Super Bowl championship games. If you happen to get these numbers, you have no other choice than to cross your fingers and pray that the digit gets you a win. The bad digits include eights, twos, gives, and nines. Rarely do these numbers get on the scoreboards. But since the Super Bowl squares template allows you to bet with as low as $1, your loss won’t be that much. If by any chance you end up with these bad digits, then you should pray that they fall within these ranges 9, 12, 15, 28, and 35. 

The best way to increase your winning opportunities while playing multiple squares is by either spreading your boxes out across the board or stacking your boxes down similar rows or across the same column. You may not win all the bets you have placed, but your chances of hitting one are very high. 


Playing the squares template requires a working Super Bowl squares strategy. What makes this engaging and popular football fun activity great is that you need to know the basics, and you are good to go. Whether you want to place multiple wagers or a single bet, the Super Bowl squares template offers an awesome way to enjoy the game outside the field. 

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