Important Elements of Narrative Essay You Need to Know

Important Elements of Narrative Essay You Need to Know

Important Elements of Narrative Essay You Need to Know

Essays are short compositions where you research a topic in-depth to acquire quality documents. Also, you need to present information from an authentic source as the audience generates their opinion on that basis. Thus, you should know about the document you are writing for correct delivery. However, you fail to opt for that and when things go south, you think, “Can I seek help from an expert to write my essay for me?” After getting guidance from experts in abundance, you deliver the project and collect top-notch grades in return.

Thus, you improved your performance, or did you? It was not your efforts, as the experts did the job and narrated the event per the requirement. Your involvement started with asking for help from an expert and submitting the work to your professor. A specialist completes the rest of the process, so you do not know what is a Analytical Essay and about its various elements. Thus, the next time you write this essay, you get stuck again and cannot finish it. This same story comes into existence, which you must change.

Hence, you have a chance to change it by providing information on the elements of a narrative essay. Do read and learn about them.

Know Various Elements of Narrative Essays

Narrative essays are known to disclose information on different events that occurred with the writer or other person in their life. Thus, you can summarise this type as a document that depicts the occurrence as a story.

Since it is telling you in the form of a story, what you can do is know and figure out the elements you need in the document:

Theme or Gist of the Essay:

You cannot narrate an entire event without an idea of what you are writing. Thus, the first element you should be clear about is the notion on which you are composing. It helps you describe what you are expressing through the story. Moreover, when you explore the event that occurred, you learn where it is heading. For example, if the story is about a rescue act where you or any other person gets stuck at a place. In such a case, your theme should be per that, and you must ensure it gives a sketch of the story.

Plot or Timeline of the Story:

This element describes how an event unfolds as it reaches the end. A story written with a great plot ending can provide a cliffhanger or end it at a point that excites the audience. To achieve it, you need to frame your work on the following structure:

  • Exposition: Where you introduce the character
  • Rising Action: Events occur to create conflicts with the protagonist
  • Climax: Where the suspense reaches its peak
  • Falling Action: Events unfolding after the climax
  • Denouncement: A happy ending

It is a structure you need to follow in the narrative essay. The plot of your essay decides if you can write a story about an event properly.

Characters or Roles in the Play:

When you describe or narrate an event, you need to present all the characters that played their role in the story. Thus, the next element is about them, where you show the readers the personalities that are related to the story. Moreover, you should describe these persons, which is called characterisation. You need to classify them under different roles, like the protagonist, supporting role, etc. Also, disclose the details of the person who plays a negative shade role in the story. For example, in a real-life event, an individual who ordered the assassination and the protagonist who saved the person.

Conflict or Challenges in the Tale:

Every event shows that another person or you faced different challenges. These are conflicts that put obstacles in the path of the protagonist. For example, when the main person of the story or the event saves another individual’s life, they are both now chased by a group of killers throughout the city. Thus, the conflict arises when they are trying to save each other. So, when you narrate the story in your essay, you should be thorough with the number of challenges faced by you or the other person.

Setting or the Location for the Happening:

When you narrate a story or an event, it occurs at a place. That is called setting, which is either a fictional or a real place, if the accident or act actually happened. When you narrate a case in your essay, this element plays a crucial part as it creates an image with the readers. For example, the 9/11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre requires explaining the entire view of the location. It gives audiences an experience of how people present at that place felt or witnessed. Thus, do elaborate the scenario.

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Point-of-View or the Opinion of the Case:

A story narrated in your essay must have a viewpoint of how everything occurred. It can be a first-hand experience or informed to you by someone else. Thus, you must express that to the readers so they can also know about it. However, you must know about them so it is easy to draft the essay around it:

  • First-Person Perspective: This person explains the timeline of events in the way they occurred. While drafting, you can use personal pronouns to show the individual was there to experience all.
  • Third-Person Perspective: This category contains two divisions, one individual with limited knowledge and the other with inch-perfect detailing. Thus, the first is the limited narrator, and the second is an omniscient speaker.

Thus, through these points of view, you can explain the turn of events during the accident or the calamity that unfolds, such as the 2004 tsunami in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Style or the Format of the Document:

This element may come last but is crucial in narrating an event. The gripping nature of your overall essay requires this feature as it contains tone, language, words, sentence formation, etc. Moreover, it helps you connect the readers with the chronicle, like the scene is playing in front of their eyes. Such a narration results in a better impact on the audience, so you need to ensure writing it down. Also, you can look for different written material related to the type of description you are writing. Thus, keep it at par for better storytelling.


Though a narrative essay seems to be a simple write-up, it is not easy to commentate a story. Hence, most of you fail to reach the desired level required under this head. So, you think, “It is best to ask for help from experts to write my essay correctly.” It is because of your lack of knowledge on these elements which affects your essay style throughout. This article works to help you with that and urges you to learn about them. Now, study these elements and work to deliver an engaging story in your essay.

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