Kashmir Great Lakes Trek Journey

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek Journey

Kashmir Great Lakes

Blog about the Great Lakes of Kashmir journey. Himalayan Trekking in Kashmir’s Great Lakes My trekking family, Treks & Trails India, was already quite acquainted to me. This page serves as a one-stop shop for all trek-related information. The track takes you through lush green meadows dotted with colourful wildflowers, dense forests, clear lakes, strenuous uphill climbs across three mountain passes, and challenging descents through rocky terrain over the course of seven days.

Crossing the Gadsar Pass (13750 feet) and the alpine lakes Vishnusar Krishansar and Gadsar was the goal for Day 3. The Kashmir valley in India, sometimes known as Paradise on Earth, is known for its breathtaking Himalayan trekking experiences. The Kashmir Great Lakes trek is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, thanks to the natural wonders that surround the pristine lakes. The trip provides a stunning glimpse of the Himalayan glaciers as the lakes make their way through them. Now, in terms of work vs. reward, I can confidently declare that the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek offers beauty and landscapes unlike any other, not to mention the LAKES.

During the journey, you’ll pass through lush meadows, receive panoramic mountain vistas, and explore the aqua-green alpine lakes. Gadsar Pass was one of the trek’s highest points. Kashmir, dubbed “heaven on earth” by both tourists and adventurous, has topped my list of must-see destinations.

To be fair, it was like that every day. We had begun strolling away from civilisation after the obligatory hellos and pleasantries. The Great Lakes of Kashmir trek is one of India’s most picturesque.

I’ve wanted to do the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek since I heard about it. It takes you straight to the heart of Greater Kashmir’s most pristine interiors of mountains, forests, meadows, and alpine lakes. We have an estimated cost for the best itinerary. Blog about the Great Lakes Trek in Kashmir.

Pictures do not do justice to the sight that was witnessed. We take thorough care of your safety precautions and provide high-quality trekking equipment as well as a professional Mountain Guide for a low rate of $13,500. The Kashmir Great Lakes Trek, which takes place in 2020, is one of India’s most stunning hikes.

However, this was the first day when we saw very few alpine lakes. Kashmir Great Lakes, in addition to the two heavenly lakes For a brief while, the sight of the two paradise lakes at the foot of the magical mountain had rendered me speechless. The deafening quiet of the Kashmir lakes, as well as their unspoiled beauty, has a spellbinding effect.

The Kashmir Great Lakes journey is breathtakingly gorgeous, with five Alpine Lakes in a series rising to a height of 13850 feet. The Great Lakes Trek in Kashmir is India’s most beautiful trek. I was strong in my choice to hike with them to Kashmir after completing my second Himalayan trek and many more in the Sahyadris.

Apart from the lakes, the desolate white snow-covered mountains stand proudly in their grandeur. Photo Gallery of the Great Lakes Trek in Kashmir Ascend to the summit We’ve put together a photo-blog for each of the seven trekking days to help you envision the magnificence of Kashmir Greak Lakes Trek KGL. This is due to the expedition being set in a larger-than-life canvas.

This walk begins immediately above the Zozila Pass, above Sonamarg or Sonmarg on the Srinagar-Leh route.

The true beauty of Kashmir can be seen in the secluded regions off the beaten path. The following are some of the best images from the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek. The walk to the Kashmir Great Lakes provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create vintage memories.

Kashmir’s Gangabal Lake Itinerary-Map-Cost-Best Time for a Great Lakes Trek The Great Lakes Trip in Kashmir is a week-long moderate-to-difficult trek that is only open from July to September. The pristine alpine high altitude lakes of Vishansar Krishansar Gadsar Satsar Nundkol and Gangbal are traversed by the Great Lakes trek of Kashmir, which passes through some of the untouched trails in the Kashmiri mountainscape.

This blog will assist you in all aspects of your trip, including travel stories, dos and don’ts, safety precautions, and techniques to complete the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek. The phrase “pure heaven on earth” will spring to mind as you embark on the Kashmir Great Lakes journey, since the state is a place of magnificent beauty. The Kashmir Great Lakes Trek Blog is designed to give trekkers with everything they need to know about India’s best trek, the Kashmit Great Lakes Trek.

We were nearing the end of our walk through the Kashmir Great Lakes, and the last few days had been eventful as we struggled from lake to lake, with nature’s pure beauty unveiling in a new avatar around every bend. The Kashmir Great Lakes walk, located above Sonmarg on the Srinagar-Leh highway, tops the list of the greatest moderate treks in Kashmir because it offers awe-inspiring vistas of the rustic nature. Many people feel that the actual beauty of nature can be found in lush, verdant, remote areas that are not accessible by road.

We’ll give you a quick rundown of each day below, and we recommend that you check out each day’s blog. Kashmir retains its immaculate splendour and tranquil beauty in every sense, regardless of time and age. If my memory serves me correctly, every year millions of people from all over the world choose Kashmir as their vacation or adventure destination, and they end up marvelling at the panoramic vistas of lush green valleys, captivating peaks, and winding mountain routes.

Kashmir has some of India’s most beautiful alpine lakes. In Sonamarg, there are five major alpine lakes. Kashmir and Tarsar Marsar are Lidder Valley pahalgam’s twin lakes. Aside from these seven notable alpine lakes, Kashmir contains a significant number of other alpine lakes. Their beauty is unrivalled. Budget Trip Kashmir will provide you with the necessary assistance and guidance during your trek to the Kashmir High Altitude Alpine Lakes.

In the Indian subcontinent, Kashmir Valley is known for its mountain terrain and alpine lakes.

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