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Signs That Indicate That Your House Needs Restumping Right Now

Signs That Indicate That Your House Needs Restumping Right Now

Restumping is the process of replacing or repairing the existing stumps that are found under your house. They are the foundation that delivers support to the entire building. They are also known as house re-blocking. The overall deterioration of the house can occur because of a variety of reasons, but they are mostly caused by termites and moisture in the soil or ground. Over the course of time, the stumps become weak and the foundation cannot withstand the entire pressure of the house. That is the major reason why you should restump the house and make it more powerful.

Your House Needs Restumping Right

When do you go for restumping for your house?

You can choose between partial and entire restumping depending on the condition of the stumps. So, if you are planning to restump the house, here are some of the top signs that will tell you whether your house needs it or not.

1. Uneven floors: 

Sloping floors are likely the main sign of foundation stump deterioration. One of the signs that your floor is sloping is that you feel like you are walking up or down a slope in your home. You can do a simple test to see if you have a rough floor – spin a marble or small ball on the floor and see if it rotates in one direction. The uneven floor is clearly indicated that the foundation has become weak and you need to restump your building. If you really experience uneven floors in your house then it is very important that you follow the process of restumping and make it even.

2. Rotting foundations: 

Check whether the wood is damaged or the pillars are cracked. It is advisable to do a routine foundation check to identify the early signs of a problem. Rotting foundations make the entire structure weak and your house won’t be able to stand more of the erosion that constantly happens. Full restumping is more beneficial in case the foundation has started to rot. It will help the house to enjoy a brand new foundation again.

3. Buildup of moisture: 

if the foundation stump is exposed to constant moisture, keep in mind that the stump is prone to damage. Wet wood always attracts termites and these, in turn, eat away the wood, making the stumps weaker. They consider wood or cellulose fibres in wood to be a source of food. Termites will eat the trunk of the foundation until it turns hollow. You can carry out a regular inspection to find out if there is any buildup of moisture around the stumps of your house. If you see termites or other insects, you should quickly get in touch with a pest control agency.

4. Other signs of injury:

Other common signs of structural instability due to physical damage are cracks in plaster and masonry, doors that scream or don’t close properly, and windows that get stuck or don’t close. Additionally, if your home was built before 1970, your base timber will likely be replaced soon. This process is known as blocking. Contact a well known restumping agency in your area and ask them to identify the damages to your building foundation. You should repair such damages at their initial stage to avoid costly repairs in future.


Final Words:

Restumping is a great way to make your house and its foundation strong again. You can easily enjoy more strength and a durable foundation that will last for several years. So now, you can hire a contractor for restumping and they will inspect your property to identify such damages. if you are looking for a perfect agency for concrete restumpinh then you can call us or visit our office.

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