Uber Clone App with New Features To Boost Your Transportation Business

Uber Clone App with New Features To Boost Your Transportation Business

Uber Clone App

Why considering Uber and no other app? Because it is a successful model, yes that’s true but, what’s more? We tell you why developing Uber Clone App can be the right choice for your transportation business.

The old taxi system has crumbled and died across the globe. If you are living in a big city like London, Singapore to Mumbai you will be aware of the Uber world.

Uber Had Simplified Successful Model

Uber was found by two tech geeks from San Francisco, launching the site in 2010.  Today it is covering 250+ cities across the globe and it is growing day by day. Apart from cheaper fares, covering maximum location, it has a monopoly in the transportation industry. Why? Because it focuses on simplifying the process of booking a cab. The features are user-centric and developed keeping in mind in offering personalized pleasant riding experience to the people.

Following are the significant attributes that make Uber great:

  • Simplifies the vehicle ordering process – no hailing, no searching, no call
  • It reduces the uncertainty of what kind of vehicle will come
  • The payment process is quick and easy
  • The users can split the fare
  • Transparent pricing with fare accuracy
  • Electronic invoices
  • Security and peace of mind
  • Choice of vehicles from basic cars to luxurious ones

How To Make Uber Clone App That Fits Your Transportation Business

Uber is the revolutionary name when it comes to taxi booking apps. Today, several entrepreneurs are inspired by Uber and wanting to make Uber Clone App fitting to their transportation business. The app remains on the top because of the convenience and the simplicity it offers to the users.

You can use Uber’s business model to transform your transportation business. This means even if you are not into the taxi booking business but provide a similar service, the Uber Taxi App model can still be taken as an example to improve your taxi business.

If you are still figuring out the niche for your transportation business, you can choose from the following:

  • Airport shuttle services
  • Cab Rental services
  • Grocery/food/pharmacy/ other chores on-demand delivery services
  • Women-specific taxi booking business
  • Corporate ride services

Key points to consider when developing Uber Clone App

  • Do the market research including your target audience, competitor’s app analysis, business plan, etc.
  • The cost of the Uber Clone App
  • Start with the basic Uber Clone Ap model i.e. MVP
  • Create a functional prototype first.
  • Have your marketing strategies in place while the development takes place
  • What kind of technology will be used?
  • The dynamic dashboard for the Admin offers a God’s Eye view.
  • Revenue models for Uber Clone App

We proceed, bear in mind that the goal of this project is not just to create an uber clone app, feature. The aim is to include innovations that will give your mobile app platform an edge over Uber.

Replicating Uber Features & Functionalities

To make your Uber Clone App different from others, it is crucial to add user-centric features which are altogether new.

The Uber Clone App for any transportation business will have three separate apps  – Admin panel, App for passengers, and App for drivers. All of these 3 modules are in sync to provide a flawless work mechanism.

Furthermore, your app should have a landing page where the passengers and driver will signup.

Following are the new version 2021 Uber Clone App Features:

  • Restricted passenger limits
  • Face mask verifications
  • Ride cancellation
  • Apply toll cost manually
  • OTP verification
  • Safety checklist
  • Safety ratings and review
  • Book now ride later
  • Graphical status of the ride
  • Call masking
  • Shop/stop/eat while riding
  • Gender preferences
  • Book ride for someone else
  • Disabled/child seat preferences
  • Multi-language/currencies
  • In-app call/chat support

Uber Functionality – The significance of Uber UI/UX

Developing an app like Uber requires to have detailed planning that goes beyond the usual technicalities. Focus on providing a user-friendly interface for seamless booking of the apps.

  • Having a user-friendly interface for your transportation booking app is crucial.
  • The visual elements and graphics must be elegant and attractive
  • The taxi booking procedure should flow seamlessly
  • The functionality of your Uber Clone App should be so easy and basic that even a common person can book a cab.

Outsourcing To Uber Clone App Development Company

To develop the Best Uber Clone App for your transportation business, outsource the work to a professional Uber App Development Company in India. With an expert team, and state-of-the-art infrastructure your Uber Clone project can be completed within said deadlines.

Check for their client video testimonials and ratings to know their dedication towards work. Take the live demo of how the Uber Clone App is performing. Customize your transportation business with Uber Clone App in just 5 days.

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