Using Writing as a Sign of mental health Recovery

Using Writing as a Sign of mental health Recovery

Using Writing as a Sign of mental health RecoveryUsing Writing as a Sign of mental health Recovery

I was writing when all I had to deal with was my mental health issues. I had no solutions. I had no idea how to relieve or end my suffering. I tried to put my feelings into words because they were the only things simultaneously carving out of and overflowing from my aching chest. I was unknowingly writing my way to recovery while doing this.

one can examine oneself in another way. This could be keeping a personal journal, composing songs or poems for a special someone, writing letters to friends, writing for the general public as a journalist, or turning into an author and creating a book. I completed each of these. By doing this, I have increased my writing credibility and self-confidence. But I’ve written for personal catharsis just as much.

However, I discovered patterns as I tried to make sense of my life with a esketamine for depression diagnosis on paper. I had developed repetitive patterns of conduct, some pleasant but mostly detrimental. I actively sought out and retained some wonderful people in my life, but I also kept a lot of hurtful and destructive people. I had to face the reality that I was extremely sick in terms of interpersonal communication and intimate relationships when I saw these personal patterns and themes emerge in written form.

Benefits of journaling for mental health

According to research, keeping a journal improves immune system performance in numerous ways. Regular journaling can:

  • reduces stress
  • Reduce the frequency of medical visits
  • assist patients in overcoming trauma and upsetting events
  • assist in reducing discomfort
  • serve as a strategy for controlling chronic pain
  • Reduce stress and sadness

Finding Healing in Various Writing Forms mental health

It’s no less true today than it has ever been that journaling was a huge part of my recovery process, as I’ve mentioned frequently. Through journaling, I was able to pour out the pain I was feeling within and understand it. Suddenly, the confusion in my thoughts was something I could sort through and understand.

No particular form, style, or genre has ever been used to categorise my writing. I began expressing my emotions through poetry and short stories long before I started writing my way through my mental problems. Even if it is cliche for a teenager to write depressing poetry and stories, at the time it served as my creative outlet.

overcoming the writing anxiety

Many people avoid writing because they believe they are bad at it, fear they won’t have anything to write about, or simply don’t feel comfortable expressing their emotions.  thinks that simply remembering the following, these typical anxieties can be conquered:

absolute liberty :

The act of journaling can be done in any form. You are free to use your imagination and find any manner to communicate your emotions.

No spell check :

There is no need to be self-conscious about your writing style because no one will be proofreading your notebook for spelling or punctuation mistakes.

Words that Disrupt Barriers mental health

I was able to look through the chaos that otherwise characterised my existence by tearing down those barriers with words, regardless of their shape, style, or genre. I’ve always loved writing, so even though I never intentionally considered it as a means of healing, I’m not shocked this is how things ended out. Obviously, this is how I think and how I try to make sense of everything in my life, including myself.

To my fellow authors, to those for whom words have both the power to shape the world and the power to change it, I say: if you’re having mental health issues, try writing about what you’re going through. Whatever form you decide to give it, writing down what’s going through your mind could be the first step in overcoming your mental health issues.


Then I changed the way I was dealing with my difficulties. Writing openly about my difficulties, particularly with skin picking conditions, helped me start the healing process. I was putting my writing out there by blogging on my social media accounts, other platforms, and assembling an anthology that featured my tale about growing up with skin-picking conditions. The barriers of loneliness, stigma, and criticism began to crumble as my words became more honest.

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