What Is Whatsapp Marketing? [Genuine Information]

What Is Whatsapp Marketing? [Genuine Information]

Whatsapp Marketing

If you are from India, or any other middle eastern country, then you must know WhatsApp. It is the single messaging app used for one-on-one and group chat.

Users of different age demographics use WhatsApp. For example, you will find school and college students and middle-aged people using WhatsApp. A great performer in iOS and Android, WhatsApp is extremely popular and reliable among its users.

But, did you know that it is great for marketing as well? You may have already received some messages from the eCommerce platforms you are used to shopping in. Well, you already know the picture.

If you want a clear idea of what Whatsapp marketing is and how it is done, we ask you to read this article.

What Is Whatsapp Marketing?

With 2 billion monthly global active users, WhatsApp is the perfect place for marketers to run their marketing campaigns. It is the most popular global messaging app and is great for marketers for specific reasons.

Such marketing means promotional activities taking place on WhatsApp. Marketers use Whatsapp Business API and WhatsApp business. These two interfaces are different from the typical WhatsApp interface. These interfaces allow you to create and manage marketing campaigns on WhatsApp.

While you can use the normal WhatsApp interface, we don’t recommend using it. This is the limitation of sending marketing promotional content to your audience. With normal WhatsApp, you can send messages only to a selected audience at once. But with the Whatsapp Business account, you can target more audiences at once.

Create Your Whatsapp Business Account

So, if you are interested in such marketing, you must create a WhatsApp business account. Here are the steps to creating such an account –

  1. First, you need to download the Whatsapp Business Account from the play store.
  2. Then you have to use your professional number. Business phone number. We don’t recommend using your personal number. You also need to add your business name.
  3. Now you have to set up your business profile.
    1. You can go to the More option and then go to Settings from there.
    2. Enter your business name
    3. Create a short profile
    4. You also have to create a short link.
    5. Create a greeting message
    6. When you are unavailable, your Away message will help the audience.

Once you are done with these steps, you are ready to start marketing on /WhatsApp.

Tips For Whatsapp Marketing

Here are some tips for marketing on WhatsApp –

  • As a WhatsApp marketer, it is your responsibility to maintain a good user experience for the users. You cannot be too frequent about your marketing promotions and make the users feel uncomfortable.
  • Whatsapp has specific parameters and formats. As a marker, you must abide by all of these rules. You must know how to link your website and understand how to display the featured products.
  • Always offer value and use WhatsApp as a complimentary platform to stay in touch with your leads from the email marketing campaign. It is more convenient that way.
  • You also need to create content focused specifically on WhatsApp marketing. You can use some of the tricks and tips you use for your email marketing campaign. But, you must remember to create content aligned with WhatsApp and not copy from other platforms.

Final Words

Once you follow these steps, you can easily create content for your WhatsApp marketing campaign. We hope that the previous sections helped you understand what Whatsapp marketing is and how to create a WhatsApp account.

Also, following these tips should help you do WhatsApp marketing effectively. Did you like what you read in this article? If you did, please let us know your feedback

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