How to Exercise when you are Working 9-5?

How to Exercise when you are Working 9-5?

You are spending hours at work and having so much work to do. You have your side projects, duties and awful weather-so guess what. So, you have no time to exercise! 21% of your working hours are taken by your work and it is a big chunk of your time. The key to incorporating exercise in your working hours schedule is starting small. Research shows that every 15 minutes of light health activities have deeper impact on your health. So, without disrupting your working schedule, add light exercises to bring new health changes.

How to Exercise

1. Start a morning exercise routine

Morning exercise improves metabolic rates. Have you ever heard of EPOC? It stands for excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. A morning routine helps you improve your metabolic rates which mean you will be able to burn more calories. Morning exercise helps you develop consistency. In the morning, most of us have enough time, and sticking to a morning schedule can help you increase your strength and stamina to improve work efficiency too.

Following a morning routine will help you replenish your energy levels. So, if you want to drop those caffeine levels, this is the way to go. Do some weight lifting, pushups, pull-ups, and HIIT workouts to sweat and increase your strength. To boost some energy, you can enjoy a Yerba Mate energy drink between the exercise times to give a push to your next exercises.

Follow these workouts for effective results:

Morning stretches– improves postures and relieves pain and aches in the body. Do Frankensteins, Child’s pose with children, supine twists, long stretch and do some yoga.

Short bodyweight workout- do Jumping jacks, fast feet, forearm plank, pilates roll up easy exercises to build strength and stamina.

Morning yoga-  Sun salutation, utkatasana, parivratta, adho much savasana and more.

2. Move more at work

Most of the white color jobs require lots of sitting and typing at a computer. This is not an excuse to skip exercise at the workplace. Luckily, you don’t require additional equipment to perform an exercise at work.

Here are couples of methods for exercise at work:

Take Walking Breaks- Switch riding the elevator to take the stairs. Climb to the top of the building and come back. Instead of messaging the colleague, simply get over there for a chat. Ditch the chair and go for a walk.

Challenge your colleagues- Chances are that you don’t do movements during office time. So, you can challenge your colleagues for squats, pushups, planks, lunges, and wall stand with repetition with your colleagues and stay fit with your peers and stick to your exercise challenge.

Sit on a fitness ball- You can replace your chair with a fitness ball to balance your body consistently. It helps you better posture with spine alignment. It strengthens your abdominal muscles and helps fight procrastination.

Some other exercises to try during office time– are pec stretch, upper trapezius stretch, rows, hip flexor stretch, bridge, and child pose.

3. Exercises at the end of the workday

It might be tempting to skip a workout after office hours and 76% of US workers feel tired after the workday on most weekly days. There are multiple benefits of workout after office hours such as it removes stress, improves quality sleep, and helps to socialize.

Exercises to do after a workday

Aerobic exercises– Try to do jogging, walking, dancing, tennis, and swimming after working hours.

Lower intensity workout– Yoga can be a great exercise to improve mood changes and reduce anxiety.


Exercise is more of a choice rather than a decision because choice keeps you longer in the field whereas a decision without choice is just a mental pressure that can be changed or not. Also, keep an eye on your healthy diet to stay strong better, and healthy. Follow the exercise given, make a routine and change your lifestyle to a healthy one.

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